New Fundraiser For “EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE” From Grimdark Magazine



Grimdark Magazine is one of my favorite current speculative fiction publications. They are championing grimdark fiction, a sub-genre of speculative fiction that casts a spotlight on morally gray and antagonistic characters in a literally grim and dark world. While “grimdark” may be said to focus primarily on fantasy, science fiction and horror can also have a grimdark nature.

There’s a great Facebook page dedicated to the genre (probably one of my favorite Facebook groups) and many book series associated with the genre, from the uber-popular Series of Fire and Ice books from George R. R. Martin (which the show Game of Thrones is based on) to Mark Lawrence’s Broken Empire Series.

Grimdark Magazine has, in the issues it’s released, contained stories of all speculative genres with grimdark themes and elements, and they’re always a joy to read since the magazine strives for both creativity and professionalism.

So when I heard that Grimdark Magazine was releasing a new fundraiser for an anthology called, “EVIL IS A MATTER OF PERSPECTIVE: An Anthology of Antagonists”, I was quite excited about it. Basically, the anthology will feature stories about antagonists from various fantasy authors chosen by Grimdark Magazine, 15 or more in total.

You can check out their fundraiser at . Check out the page, and if it looks like something you would love to support, check them out!


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