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New from IDW: 4/23/2014


New from IDW

7th sword #1


7th Sword is a cyberpunk post space travel science fiction samurai epic. I know, it’s a mouthful right? There appears to be a kind of Mad Max element to the comic, with transient androids that hunt oil, and samurai combatants. During this first issue, you’ll be introduced to the main character as well as getting acquainted to the world’s current politics. The heroic and honorable actions of the main character, Cray, bring to mind Captain Malcolm Reynolds from the hit series Firefly. The flavor of the world is definitely barren as the majority of the landscape is desert, and exotic, with the introduction of creatures such as Miner-Matics and Sames. The first issue doesn’t exactly give a lot of time to learn about the world, but gives you just enough to draw you in. If you liked Trigun, you might just like 7th Sword.

24 underground #1


Can I just say how novel it is to see the show that started the trend of having “Panels” on screen put into panels on a glossy page? For fans of the show 24 you will almost certainly enjoy 24 Underground. Bauer is on the run and in hiding, living his new life in Russia. But he is about to be drawn into less than savory activity in defense of the family that has become part of his new life. The criminals need a debt paid and Jack is close enough to help. Unfortunately one of the men recognizes him from his old, a life where he had killed the man’s brother and father. The act of committing the crime alerts the CIA of his current whereabouts. With obvious links to the show, returning antagonists, and now the CIA tracking him, this title is sure to deliver for fans of 24 and the spy thriller genre alike.

City #3


This comic is amazing! Ben, our hero with the electronic eyes, has stumbled onto the man who bombed his train. When told to stop by the Homeland Security man in charge of operation Golden Shield, Ben threatens him with legal proceedings and walks out. This sets the stage for the rest of the comic. Ben is on the run while simultaneously having an impromptu date with Chloe. While dodging agents intent on bringing him in, Ben uses a bunch of interesting tricks, like taking control of the subway, turning fluorescent lights into flashbangs, and covertly talking to contacts through a series of seemingly unconnected devices. Slowly, throughout the events of City #3 Ben puts it together who is trying to have him killed. But who he is talks to about it will inevitably be put in the crosshairs. A fusion of Person of Interest, Jack Hawksmoor from the Authority, and a dash of the upcoming video game Watchdogs City has made it into my pull for the foreseeable future.

Danger Girl: Mayday #1


Mayday opens up with, of all things, a pirate hijacking of a ship; a ship that is carrying highly illicit and illegal cargo. The hold is full of weapons, apparently high grade weapons, and the Captain of the vessel cannot be persuaded to share the names of the people who are buying it. Through the captive crew members, we find out that the people who are buying it are far more sadistic and dangerous than the pirates appear to be. Before nearly running aground on a secret island set aflame, the pirates turn around and begin sweeping the water for mines that would keep them from escaping. While they are searching for mines, they find a woman. The captives all kill themselves upon seeing the identity of the woman, in apparent fear. The rest of the comic sets the stage for a Wolverine style search to recover her memories in the bloodiest way possible.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #11


In a world beset by Kaiju, or giant monsters, Mowry, Frank, and Tramontano have created a believable narrative about Kaiju containment and military. The opening of the issue showcases the efficiency and combat readiness of mecha-Gozilla against a burrowing Kaiju by the name of Baragon. The issue continues to check in on the humans and their plan to cage the Kaiju on their own individual islands, their new sonar gun technology, and even Godzilla as he floats dormant in the ocean. The Devonians under the ocean decide to attack the humans and Godzilla, while one of their captured brethren is turning on them, feeding humans the location of their city. The gem of this issue is the attack on Godzilla, which has him facing four other Kaiju at the same time. War is imminent and next month is sure to be explosive.

G.I. Joe #201


If you are looking for high-octane action packed G.I. Joe adventure…this is not the comic to read. We find ourselves in a period of transition for the Joes as they are not only setting up a new “HQ HQ”, which I can only assume is top brass’ Headquarters that all the other headquarters report, but setting up at least two more lesser bases of operation. The previous Chaplain’s Assistant school will become the base in New York, and Storm Shadow’s old training facility in San Francisco. Roadblock is still recovering and the entire team seems to be both moving on and dealing with the ghosts of the past. All in all, a great place for newcomers to start reading, and veterans to breath in the nostalgia.

Rogue Trooper #3


This issue of Rouge Trooper opens with the Military Police that are tracking Rogue showing up on an all but destroyed planet and biding their time on taking him in. Rogue, aided by his three friends inside of his equipment, helps defend the strongpoint he has stumbled upon in the previous issues. The higher command won’t rescind their kill order on Rogue and he won’t stop fighting for what he considers his own people.  While fighting off the “Gun Dogs”, which resemble miniature AT-At Walkers from Star Wars you are given all of the squad banter you’d get from a full on ensemble comic, without a full squad. The issue ends with the MP’s showing up, attempting to take Rogue with different degrees of escalation, finally putting a hole in his leg.  Man Down.

Star Trek #32


Can you say Data? The opening of the issue shows us a synthetic humanoid avatar of the Enterprise, complete with a bald head, blue eyes, and a nearly Vulcan detachment when it speaks. The ship has encountered a piece of sentient, singularity in the history of another race. They had apparently ascended into being of information, having loaded the entire populations mind into one computer. The evolutions of this was to become a collective consciousness, and then terraforming their planet into one gigantic solar panel to keep them alive. Upon awakening the enterprise, the planetoid tries to then destroy the contaminants inside of it, the crew! Enterprise sacrifices it’s new identity to save the crew, but Spock brings the vessel back online, even if it is missing the memories and direct connection it once shared with the ship. An interesting issue, and even though the name Data hasn’t been used, it does bring to mind the android from the alternate Star Trek timeline.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #28


What an absolutely surprising and adorable way to start a comic. The autobot Thundercracker is flying home and he is writing a screenplay, which is a drama about humans. Everything about the screenplay screams “written by a robot”. We flashback to the alliance of Megatron and Optimus Prime, who had destroyed the oppressors of Cybertron, having fallen apart and the two factions at what seemingly will be an ongoing war. The Autobots leave the battle. In the future, Prime and his autobots return to earth searching for Alpha-Trion, and they were lead astray by Thundercracker. As the trap is sprung, the Decepticons, lead by Galvatron, and Earth Defense Command surround the Autobots with an order to stand down.

Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles: New Animated Adventures #10


Valentines day. What an odd theme for a children’s comic that comes out in April. Nonetheless, Michealangelo spends his day making valentines for his brothers. As he delivers them mishap after mishap make his brothers angry with him. Mikey escapes for some much needed alone time, and sees violence. Calling his brothers they track down an old villain by the name of Spider Bytez. Spider has been dealing with the Valentines day blues and has begun attacking happy lovers. The turtles use that as a distraction and defeat him. All of the brothers and splinter make up in the end. The extra blurb is an emergency of epic proportions. As usual, this series is shallow and light hearted, but fun and family oriented.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #33


The turtles are back in the big apple and they waste little time having an impact. They are on patrol ten minutes and very effectively stop a bunch of small time thieves from making off with their score. Everyone is dealing with the looming threats around them; Krang and Shredder. The main focus of this months issue is, by far, the relationship between Hun and his son, Casey. Hun wears the mantle of peace poorly and attacks his former allies in an attempt to find his son. They finally get to talk it out, and Hun is offering Casey his life if he joins the foot, or at least the money to flee beyond the Foot’s grasp. Casey says it best in the end,

“…What kind of real man chooses a scumbag like the Shredder over his own son?”

This powerful emotional scene and it’s dismal and resigned ending was terribly satisfying and has me waiting for more.

Not enough for you?  check out IDW!

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