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New from IDW: 5/28/2014


New from IDW: 5/28/2014

24 Underground #2


Well, this title is going as predictably as you might expect. Apart from the first issue’s unexpected introduction of the Russian gangsters, there have been no surprises. The art is sufficient, but I can’t help but feel that the graphic appeal should be higher for a comic that is based off of the tv show, 24, which set graphic standards for television for several years. The closest thing to a twist or surprise in this issue is which person that matter’s to Jack is going to be taken hostage. Hopefully, the CIA on his tail will make this series start to pop, because right now, it’s all fizzle.

City: the Mind in the Machine #4


Just wow. City was just an incredible story from the get go, but this issue really tied it up in an awesome way. A large part of what made this story so compelling was the fact that it played upon our actual fears as a society today. With conspiracy theories about tragedies being perpetrated by the government to fool us into rallying to give it more power, all the way to the whistleblower at the NSA, we worry about how far is too far when it comes to our rights. Not only does city bring those fears into the villain Callahan, but spawn a hero from them as well. I was most impressed by the last two pages, with the incredible set up for a much larger, higher stakes story.

Ghostbusters #16


Ha ha ha ha! From the very first page, this comic had me laughing. We have all seen the movies, and most likely one or two version of the cartoon. We know what to expect from our proton pack wearing ghost police. So the dead pan comedy during the pages long walk up the stairs of the apartment building, with its necessary distractions, and banter, was a scene fit for the big screen. The parallels of the Tiamat entity with the original Ghostbuster villain, Gozer, are really interesting as a parody. The only disappointing aspect of the comic was the ending, because it was both recycled and cliché, but I absolutely loved every other moment.

Godzilla: Rulers of Earth #12


Clearly this issue is the climax of a major story arch. An arch that kind of neuters the series in it’s own way. The Woods character gets pretty messed up which if you’ve read the earlier issues you are most likely attached. Godzilla is still in a battle against the three other kaiju. A fight that actually drags the monsters right ontop of the underwater alien city. Even Jet Jaguar shows up, a size shifting super robot, to defend the humans AND Godzilla. Our hero finally gets to the winning side of the fight, when his opponents flee. Unfortunately, the humans aim a series of nuclear warheads at the group of fighting kaiju; a group that is all of a sudden made up of JUST Godzilla. The after math leaves a relatively bleak world, with a new villain, a buried hero, and an island of monsters.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #19


The alternate world is still in peril, with the evil Luna and Celestia not just bored with dealing with the noble Sombra, but setting their sites on their counterparts in the other world. We are finally graced with the story of the first time Celestia met Sombra. The story is both sad casts Celestia in a less than responsible light. The imagery at the end is decidedly sinister, with the evil Celestia and Luna back to plotting.

Samurai Jack #8


This issue, like many Samurai Jack issues, lacks in dialogue. But what they lack from speech they more than make up with through creativity, action, and the art. I love the idea of the Crystal Cave that brings reflections to life.  Jack, lost inside of it, finds himself fighting a crystalline army of himself. What makes them even more interesting is that upon dismemberment, the doppelgängers can combine to become a multi-limbed villain of momentous proportions. The issue was an enjoyable read, with not a word said by the title character. Nuff’ Said.

Star Trek #33


Here we have a traditional Star Trek story. The crew of the Enterprise touches down on a planet that brings to mind Pandora from Avatar. The first half of the comic is all about how beautiful and harmonious the planet seems. A few enigmatic discoveries, one overly curious space-monkey, and an apex predator later, the paradise-like feel of the planet is no more. There still seems to be a kind of tenseness between Spock and Uhura. When did man find this planet and why was it important? What is Spock’s security team going to do with the enormous predator clutching his captain in one of its hands? It’ll be a long month before we find out.

Transformers: Robots in Disguise #29


When we left off last issue, the Earth Defense Force and the Decepticons had surrounded the Autobots. We are given a glimpse at the commander of the force and how Soundwave convinced the humans to side with them. The name of the game for the majority of the issue is, “don’t be seen as robots”. Even the Decepticons remain in their vehicle mode. This brings the chase to a decidedly deadlocked stand off until Prowl makes his rather dramatic appearance. This issue was way better than last month’s as the actions balances the narrative. Looking forward to the devastation.

The X Files: Season 10 #12


Well, the Krycek cliffhanger didn’t last long. Saudi Arabia is full of the same people snatching aliens and supposed alien cover up conspiracy theories as the states were. As usual, Mulder is constantly dealing with the unexplained aspect of their situation, and Scully is dealing with the more practical bits. In this situation, the only difference between how their excursions turned out, was about two minutes. The black-eyed body jumper is keeping pretty good tabs on Scully, and SOMEONE in authority, most likely a new kind of Cigarette Smoking Man, gives their superior a dressing down. This series, like its previous television based predecessor, is good at making you ask why. I want to believe…it’ll be worth reading.

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