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New from IDW: 6/4/2014


New from IDW: 6/4/2014

G.I.Joe: Real American Heroes #203


This issue starts with the termination of the main story arch from last issue. Destro and Zartan spring their trap and put Cobra Commander in his place. Then break his legs. The next story we get to step into is a rescue mission with ties to an earlier story arch. Long Range has a kind of deadpan humor that makes his few lines all that much more interesting. Finally, the odd bit narrative surrounding Storm Shadow’s old dojo is growing, with a former student returning and asking to study the art with Budo. Also, there is a partially disturbing scene of one of the Cobra personnel stepping into the life of a husband and father. Strange read, but still interesting. I worry they are cramming too much into each issue.

Judge Dredd: Mega City Two #5


I’m not really sure if pop culture has been the satire of the series for the last five months, but it has had a massive impact on the last two issues. Instead of a “classic crime” theme park, Judge Dredd finds himself at a Law-con. That’s right, a Judge convention.  While Dredd is hunting down criminals being released into the second Mega City, he gets a hint as to the Criminal in charge of it. The irony is that the Judge’s doing the same thing on the up and up don’t interest Dredd at all. I guess this is why he is not a hero, he is the law.

The Maxx Maxximized #8


Issue #7 was my first issue of the Maxx, and already it is a little hard to follow. There is a juxtaposition of dimensions, not to mention versions of characters. Pitt and Maxx dealing with the small monster in the apartment and struggling to survive against a million of those little white monsters. The comedy and violence are tightly connected in this comic, and the strangest things come off traumatic. Like the Maxx having a bunny under his mask? I didn’t understand most of it, but it was entertaining, so no complaints.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #34


The name of this month’s story is Metal Head. The character has been introduced and seemingly destroyed in this month’s issue. His introduction was interesting, as Donatello served as Harold’s inspiration for his new security robot. Traditionally Metal Head becomes a threat only after a glitch, and this time it is no different. However, this battle introduces Angel to a combat suit,and calls herself Nobody. I can’t wait for things to get back to the foot clan, but possibly the most interesting thing that is happening is the cliff hanger ending, with a Stockgen scientist being approached by two mutants with a job offer.

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