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Nicci’s Adventures in Comic-Con: Part 1!!


One of the most exciting features at Comic-Con are all the amazing toys and game exclusives made available to all. We here at Comic Booked were lucky enough to get several unique experiences with them over the course of the Con and here are my personal interviews Darksiders 2, Dark Horse’s amazing toys, and the awesome Disney releases at the Funko Toy Booth…

Darksiders 2 looks to be utterly amazing, and Joe Madureira was delight to interview. Joe and I had actually missed our opportunity to interview earlier in the day but when we got to chatting he remembered my name from the list and we interviewed right there at Darksiders 2’s smashing party at the Analog Bar. I am particularly stoked about events unfolding this way as I had the delight of watching the full demo displayed and then seeing our on site video game correspondent my cousin Matt experience it firsthand. Matt and I pretty much played the entirety of the first Darksiders from start to finish together and are very excited about it’s release. Even moreso after the party.



You can learn more about Darksiders 2 by checking out both their site here, and Matt’s incredibly detailed review here. Thank you again gentlemen, and thank you for providing Matt and I with those fabulous extra images.


The next interview in my lovely adventure line-up took place on Preview Night, just after their fantastic Fall reveal, which I will go more into come Part 2 on Monday. David Scroggy saw me snapping pics and his passion for his work was immediately obvious as he began explaining to me what I was documenting, impressed I asked if he’d like an interview so that I could share this awesome information with all of you. You can find out more about all Dark Horse Products here as they’re released, and here as they are up and coming. I also of course will continue to keep you guys appraised in my weekly Wednesday Dark Horse Release Lists.



Lastly, I had the wonderful opportunity to pop by the Funko Toy Booth for all sorts of awesome Disney goodness, including of course my interview with John Balen. Besides giving me a lovely bag complete with my own limited edition POP! Maleficent…


They also sent me home with some amazing images to share with you all.

So cute, thanks so much guys! More info can be found on these awesome collectibles here.



Well that wraps up Part 1 of my Adventures in Comic-Con! We’ll be back on Monday with a fresh new episode for you all! Thank you so much Aidan Casserly for hooking me up with your amazing flash animation skills. Aidan is dear friend and  a lovely artist along side the rest of my friends at Hyaena Gallery. Like all starving artists, he is always up for commissions. – N



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Those POP things are sweet! Wouldn't mind having a Mr. Incredible…that movie rocks!!!

So Jealous! Thanks for sharing!

Hahaha!! Aren't they precious? I love my Maleficent.

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