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Night At The Museum – Cosplay Style

motor city con

Night At The Museum ‘cosplay style’ at Volo Auto Museum was brought to life with a jolt of 1.21 gigawatts captured by hook and Delorian driven by Marty McFly.  From the future, the Terminator visited that evening with an Alien fighting force , Mad Max, Storm, Avengers Crew and The Mask among many others were entertained by a Ninja Turtle and the Blues Brothers!  All were entertaining to the customers that came out to support the fundraising cause, making the whole night a resounding success!  (Night At The Museum was created to showcase both cars and their ‘cosplay partners’ by providing costumers for the different Hollywood cars that were in the museum)  Great idea!!!!

Nobody was worried, thogh, because they knew if things got a little creepy, the Ghostbusters, Batman and Robin and Spider-Man were on hot standby to jump to the aid of the Volo Auto Museum and all the visitors who came to support St Judes Children’s Research Hospital charity fundraiser.  Costumers With A Cause Midwest organized the event with the Volo Auto Museum (thank you Brian Grams for such awesome support and Scott Whipple, CWAC organizer/Midwest President) on 3 April, 2015.  Costumers were matched with their respective cars and such a success that next year is planned and a solid!

It was like a mini-convention!  Thanks to Brian Grams, who opened the Volo Auto Museum for the first time ever at night!  What a guy, he’s great!  Chrystine Shelton, the events photographer was AMAZING – such a creative and talented photographer!  LUV her!!!  You can see more of her fantastic work at – absolutely incredible!

Scott Whipple and his incredible crew of costumers from Costumers With A Cause – awesome coordination!  Well done, the costumes and cosplays were spot on and SO enjoyable!  Some amazing cosplays – check them out!

Costumers With A Cause Night At The Museum group pic! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
Marty McFly hard at work!
The Mask and The Mask car! Both are amazing!!!
Photo courtesy of June Rivas
Captain America and Batman ready to join forces!
1Chrystine 8
AMAZING!!!!!!! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
1CHrystine 7
Smooth move turtle!! Photobombing Shredder, smooth! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
Snow White – how pretty!
Nemo, run!!!
Cosplayers getting ready to work the crowd!
Blues Brothers action!
Road Warrior! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
Photo of Avenger games courtesy of Carole Brown
Beautiful picture! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
Way to go Cap!!!
CHrystine 6
101 Dalmations cosplay! Inspiring! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
All kinds of great stuff here!
Chrystine Shelton
Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
Volo2 June
Photo courtesy of June Rivas
Princess Diana Memorial
Fighting Force!
Aladdin! Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at
Bond….James Bond!
Love the Spider-Man!
Tons of little car rides to ride!
Photo courtesy of Chrystine Shelton at



Volo1June Rivas
Chrystine Shelton looking very Betty Boopish! So cute!!! Photo courtesy of June Rivas

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