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Nintendo Unveils DLC For Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8

Mario Kart 8 LinkMario Kart 8 is poised to receive a few game-changing packages of downloadable content.  Nintendo has announced that two DLC packs will be released for the mega-popular gaming franchise.  Gamers will notice that the content is much more than anyone could have anticipated.

The first of the DLC packs will feature new characters, a new cup and new courses.  This pack, rumored to be available in November, will unleash Link as a playable character.  In addition, it will give a cat suit to Peach and a Tanooki suit to Mario.  There will be a new cup featuring four courses as well, some of which will be classic courses from previous Mario Kart games.

The next pack will bring brand new characters to the game as Animal Crossing gets immortalized in the franchise.  Villager from the original Animal Crossing and Isabelle, from Animal Crossing: New Leaf , will join the crew of racers.  Dry Bowser, best known from Super Mario 3D Land, will also join the franchise in this pack.  A new cup and four more courses will accompany the new characters on their way to the system.  Fans can expect this release to come in May of 2015.

Finally, Nintendo promises new vehicles in each pack.  While they have not announced all of the vehicles players can look forward to, they have mentioned that the Blue Falcon kart, a nod to the F-Zero titles in Nintendo’s library.

As a side note of content that comes with the packs, fans will receive eight new colors for Shy Guy and Yoshi if they preorder the packs.  The colors will not require fans to wait for the DLC as they will be sent immediately.

The packs will be priced at $7.99 each or fans can purchase both packs for $11.99 as a combo pack according to GameSpot.

All the changes brings Mario Kart 8 to the forefront of many players’ minds.  Nintendo branching out to allow DLC into franchise games such as Mario Kart can help the gaming icon regain some footing that it has lost over the last few years.

Does the news change your opinion of the Wii U?  Are you checking for deals on the system due to Mario Kart 8 and the new content?  Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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