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It must have been a decade or so since I’ve met Noel Trasher, and she has consistently remained my favorite singer songwriter who I’ve had the pleasure of calling a friend. Her angelic voice, mixed with her ability to write crafty, intricate and heartfelt lyrics has always blown me away.

Recently, I was ecstatic to find that many songs I fell in love with over the past decade, written and performed by Noel, have been collected and released on Bandcamp. The music speaks for itself. As a guitarist who recorded a lot of these songs using an acoustic guitar, the genre may easily be classified as folk most of the time… but there’s also a punk vibe with “Swift Swoop” (reminiscent of Violent Femmes). There’s some interesting existential probing in her songs, especially in my favorite song by her, The Flower Song:

“you said you love me i think you do
that alone is amazing
smile at me and kiss my face but am i really a person?

am i?”

Check her out!

Noel Trasher on Bandcamp

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