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(Not So) Silent Mike’s Nautical Return!

If you didn’t know, meaning you aren’t following me on twitter @notsosilentmike, I was out of the country last week until Friday when I made my triumphant return to my home state of sunny California I turned on my life line (my phone) and I was once again reminded that I was missing the biggest geek convention of all, San Diego Comic Con. As the flood of information came in from all over I was struck by the fact that oddly enough nothing truly unexpected happened this year. Comic Con used to be a place for nerds to gather, to show their pride in their characters, and basically a safe haven away from those that would shun us for who we are, but nowadays it’s the place for Hollywood to go and shell out tidbits of information about anything they are working on.

For years Hollywood and comics had a tumultuous relationship due to the many bad movies that were forced upon us, only in the last ten-ish years have great strides been made to appease the nerdy masses as well as people who know very little about the characters in the movies. So when I started reading the news about Thor, Captain America, Green Lantern, and the Avengers movie, along with all the rumors I wasn’t exactly floored. There wasn’t anything  that made me sit in awe, nor was there really anything thrown out there that hadn’t already basically been pretty much guaranteed through the rumor mill we in the comic book website business live in. I was actually rather underwhelmed with what Hollywood brought to the table this year, with the one exception of Kevin Smith who told us more about his next movie Red State.

The one thing i was able to do this weekend when I returned was see a three authors, two I follow and one I will definitely follow now, present some of their new books that are due out sometime in August, and do a meet and greet with all of us who are fans. This was an incredibly lucky scenario because they had already done something, the meet and greet, with the Comic Con masses. For them to come out and do a reading from new books was rather impressive especially with the twist that they read each others passages rather then their own. The authors were Brent Weeks whom I got my book signed by, Brandon Sanderson an amazing author, and Patrick Rothfuss who I had never heard of before this signing and now want to read everything he puts out. It was an amazing time and very kind of all three of these gentlemen to meet with the hundred plus of us who stood in line for them to sign our books.

As I get back into the swing of things and return to all my jobs, I have others too I know crazy, it is good to see that comics are on everyone’s mind, and books are getting a pretty solid push at the Con’s as well. Look for more stuff from the Comic Booked team and I as we wrap up the week after Comic Con and look forward to some awesome new movies and news. Oh, for those that were wondering yes @YogiKai did get me the Hal Jordan Black Lantern, and yes I am cherishing it like the huge Green Lantern fan I am so a special shout out to her. Also follow her on Twitter and read all her articles on here.

Until next time Comic Bookers!

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All you missed was the picture of the Green lantern! C'mon man! 🙂

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