November Means the End for some DC Titles

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Changes seem to be on the horizon for a few titles on the DC docket. Based on the November 2020 solicitations for the publisher, we will see the final issues of Suicide Squad, Young Justice, Teen Titans and Hawkman at this time.

Hawkman was the fifth volume and spun out of the epic event of the Dark Nights: Metal series. As Hawkman discovered new aspects of himself and the metal that is such an integral part of his destiny, the conflicts of the gods led him to a flash history, encountering his incarnations. This is a great read by series writer Robert Venditti and various artists including Brian Hitch for the first 12 issues in the series.

Two of these series, focused on a sort of reboot or re-imagining of the original teams. In Teen Titans it was the son of Batman, Damian Wayne as Robin who brings together a brand new version of the team including some new and familiar faces such as Raven and Starfire. The other series, Suicide Squad, written by Tom Taylor with art from Bruno Redondo, is actually the newest of these series to be ending in November. This latest volume brought together a new version of Task Force X and included fan favorite Harley Quinn as well as Deadshot and Captain Boomerang.

The last of the four series ending in November is Young Justice, a part of Brian Michael Bendis’ Wonder Comics imprint which was founded in 2018. Wonder Comics also saw the introduction of Naomi, a Superman-like character that still has not really been used to her fullest, despite a lot of initial hype around her introduction.

These series cancellations are hot on the heels of the announcement this week that most of the staff of DC Universe has been laid off along with editor-in-chief Bob Harris, the senior VP of publishing strategy. The DC Universe layoffs were expected as the Warner/AT&T merger pushes DC streaming to HBO Max instead of a separate platform. The other layoffs, including many of the higher level executives over publishing, marketing, and story editing, leave me wondering if we won’t see some other changes in the DC Comics line in the coming months.

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