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October Movie-A-Day Marathon: Dark Was The Night

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Welcome to October! In this, the objectively best month of the year, I traditionally watch a horror movie on every single day. Some will be classics and some will be newbies, a few will be gems and (more than) a few will be B movies, but all of them will be build towards the supernatural and suspenseful night of Halloween!

Dark Was The Night

For October 1st, I watched the monster movie thriller Dark Was the Night. This horror movie featuring Kevin Durand as the main character, a sheriff still grieving for the loss of one of his sons, is a perfect example of how traditional horror movie style and techniques can still produce a gripping cinematic experience. Half glimpsed shapes in the dark and limited visuals on the monster are used in wonderfully wicked moments, leaving you wondering if the sheriff is crazy or if there really is something accosting his town.

That’s right folks, I said monster. The creature in Dark Was the Night takes it inspiration from suck folklore as the Devil’s Footprints, the legend of the Wendigo, and even a bit of the Jersey Devil! SO if you’re looking for solid monster movie, something modern and traditional, or simply a horror movie with believable character, this movie is the perfect jumping point for your Horror Marathon this Samhain Season!

SCARE-O-METER RATING: 3.5 screams out of 5

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