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Four days in and still going strong! Today I watched the 2014 horror movie Dark Summer. I have to say that the first half hour of this movie had me wondering what track it was going to settle on. So much so, that I was having a hard time paying attention. At first the movie was set up to go the way of Suburbia with Shia Lebouf, then due to some of the supernatural stuff it felt a little like the newer found footage film Unfriended. Once the movie gets going, though, it really carves it’s own path. It pulls on the inherent terror of being alone, the anxiety of constantly being watched, the uncertainty of questioning your own sanity, and of having nowhere to turn. By the time the third act twist shows up (and let me just say that it was a phenomenal twist) you are glued to your screen. My only gripe with the movie is it’s ending which I called literally less than five minutes in.

Seriously, if you like movies that can take you on a ride, and keep you guessing (for the most part) then Dark Summer is a definite Halloween Horror for you.

My rating is a 4 out of 5 on the Samhain Scare-o-meter.

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