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movie a day

We are on day six of my October movie marathon, and today I was having a hard time choosing which movie to watch. It occurred to me that the Latin term for six is “sex” so I went with the horror movie Honeymoon. I know it seems arbitrary, but hey, I make the rules. Now I didn’t read the synopsis of this movie, I based my decision entirely on the title, which didn’t really leave me with a great deal of expectations. I think this worked really well in the movie’s favor.


The movie is set up to be a kind of typical “perfect marriage falls apart” movie, even introduces an old fling from the female protagonist’s past. I assure, that is not what this movie is. Things get stranger, more suspenseful, and terribly eerie by the time the movie hits the climax. Once more, my only complaint about the movie is that I called the climax kill very early on in the movie. That’s three days in a row where the foreshadowing was too easy.


I would recommend this movie to pretty much anyone. The gore is nearly non-existent, the suspense is high, and the reveal is not what you would expect.

I give this movie a 4 out of 5 on my Samhain Scare-o-meter.

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