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We are week deep into October and this got me thinking. God built the cosmos in 6 days and rested on the seventh. So what did October build? So I kicked back and relaxed on the seventh day with the found footage film The Houses October Built. Now as I mentioned before, I love the found footage style. There is just something visceral about it that you can’t really replicate with a studio quality film. This quality really lends itself to The Houses October Built in a powerful way.


The movie, about a Haunted House seeking road trip (novelty haunted houses where you pay for your scares, not legit ghosts) has the small group of characters searching deeper and deeper underground for the most extreme scares they can find. This allows the film to unabashedly try and scare you by showing footage of the actual Haunted Houses. The real scares come from the moments where the scares don’t end at the exit, or the bizarre surreal moments where the workers of these Haunts step into real world situations with our characters.

The movie was overall a lot of fun with a couple of creepy moments to rival most of today’s triple A films. I have to say, I didn’t call the ending on this one, and instead of this being a good thing, it was disappointing. If any horror movie would benefit from the lack of a tragic ending, it would’ve been this one.

All in all it was worth my time, and this movie was built to last!

I give this movie a 3.5 out of 5 stars.

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