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Oh Scarlet Witch, You Are Such A Tease!!!

Do you like Scarlet Witch?

No? Well I guarantee you that these pictures will change your mind:

Meet Arizona Avenger: Anna Von Winter!  Now let me show you what the costume looks like now:

scarlet witch
The Semi-Ready Scarlet Witch!

Yes, I’m speechless too. Scarlet Witch told me that her costume is not finished yet, and that it looks crappy. Gentlemen I ask you:  If this is crappy,  what would the “finished” costume look like?” I’m not sure. But bear in mind, this is just a tease…..

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Well done! Looks like the Comic Bookers favorite Ironette is going to have some help at the Comicon. Should be good times at


Now There's a Vision!!

(OMG! Where! Where's the Vision! He gets SO jealous!)

[Yes, he Hates it when we Chat her Up!]

Quiet, you all, Eh?! I’m trying to think about how Hawt she is!


Vision….isn't that dude a color changer?

Green October

Green October's jaw drops smacking the desk surface, and his eyes bug out to 30 times their natural size. "Hubba hubba!"

-green october

Good points. Bookmarking to check back for follow-ups later.

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