There is Only One Rude Dude

Rude dude

There aren’t many comic books like Nexus, created by Steve Rude and Mike Baron.  It’s an unusual spin on the superhero story in which the hero must use his powers against the murderers of his race lest he suffer himself, the series was much like its creators in that it wanted to be defined by how different it was.

During Nexus’s heyday in the 80’s, Rude and Baron populated their universe with dozens of races, unusual politics, and fully-formed back-stories that feel completely original. While the series might have ended in 1991, Rude didn’t stop there. With the formation of his own Rude Dude Productions, he has resurrected his 2004 creation The Moth, and was able to put a button on the Nexus and give it a proper send-off.

With a significant influence and reputation in the comic book circles Rude’s popularity might have been set to explode, but then he decided to leave the industry.  The qualities that make the man such a unique voice has been explored in the recent documentary film Rude Dude directed by Ian Fischer. The film offers insight into why this creative maverick in the comic book circles now moved onto becoming a fine artist.

So, what’s the real lesson? With DC and Marvel still (and forever) using and rebooting the heroes – and brand-names that everyone knows – there is definitely room in the industry for something new bold, daring; something along the lines of what Rude was striving for during his stint in the comic book industry.

You can order a copy of Rude Dude on DVD here, check them out on Facebook, and take a few minutes to watch the trailer below.

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