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Online Gaming Is For Everyone

online gaming

Online gaming is the new trend in the gaming world. Everyone can log on to Facebook or a myriad of other websites and either play an app or download a game and spend hours escaping from reality and enjoying themselves. I will run through a few of my favorite games and give you some options for great places to spend your time enjoying online gaming.

A lot of my game time is on Facebook. There are tons of games there that you can get very involved in. Just a quick search on games will show you the wide variety of gaming available across many different genres. It is not always convenient to fire up my Xbox One and play for an hour on my favorite game, but surfing to a site and launching a quick game is very easy and can work with almost anyone’s schedule for gaming. There are so many options and, with the multitude of websites offering game options, it can be said that there is a game out there for any gaming taste.

online gamingFor simulation games, I enjoy Farmville, Citvillye, and some of the other games from Zynga. These are games where you build up a farm or city or castle and do quests to move along the storyline. The big focus is the social aspect of these games, requiring you to recruit your friends and share items and successes in order to get more items and proceed to higher levels.

a lot of William Hill gamesAnother group of games that is very engrossing comes from Plarium Games. Their line of games includes Soldiers, Inc., Pirates: Tides of Fortune, Stormfall: Age of War, Total Domination, and Sparta: War of Empires. Each game focuses on a different genre, but each one allows players to build an army and defend their base while teaming up with others to pillage and plunder other players. From medieval fantasy to futuristic combat, Plarium Games provides a little bit of everything.

 Other sites offer role playing games, card and casino type games, and a variety of other things. Online games like E.V.E. Online, World of Warcraft, and League of Legends each offer unique role playing experiences. Other games like Marvel Heroes or DC’s Infinite Crisis are MOBAs, multiplayer online battle arena games, where you play as your favorite character and fend off the enemy team in a battle for control of a map or arena. Aside from the exciting role playing games online you can also try a lot of games offered at William Hill such as Burglin’ Bob online slots, poker games and many more that give you that same intense feeling of excitement.

From sports team simulators to all out multiplayer battles, there is bound to be something for any type of gamer in the online world. Find what you like, play it, and share it below in the comments.

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