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Original Sin Event Coverage: Epilogue

Original Sin

Don’t you just hate when you think something is finally over and then there is that extra chapter or four that comes out later? Well, leave it to Marvel, and other publishers but right now we pick on Marvel, to have some variation between shipping of certain storylines so they don’t wrap up till after the regular story is almost a month old already. Nothing like Inhumans, though, which should have shipped back in December, but is a couple issues into a storyline that is almost outdated already. But, it’s okay, because I am here to bring you the wrap up of the last couple of parts of the Original Sin event coverage.


Original SinOriginal Sin #5.5: Thor & Loki – The Tenth Realm #5 – Surprise, Loki tricked everyone! Of course, if you know Loki, a.k.a. The Trickster, then you know that’s what he does, of course always with style. Like this time when he changed himself into a woman and assisted the Queen of Angels just enough to devastate her air force and release Odin from his prison. Yay. Now, Odin rains down his fury on the angels, right? Not exactly, because remember Thor and Loki have a sister, who just turns out to be… wait for it… Angela! Oh, yeah, well, if you saw any of the promotional material or really even looked at the cover, then you knew that had to be the play here. In the end, there is no mighty way between gods and angels, much to old king Loki’s dismay, and Odin, Thor, and young Loki head to Midgard to sort out the problems that their people face. Angela? Well, she is cast out of the angels, but she has her freedom and new road ahead of her. Check her out soon in her own series. Overall, an interesting series and I love the art team on this one. My Rating: 4/5

Original SinDeadpool #34 – It is not unusual for this series to take some wacky turns, like the black-sploitation issues or just some far out and crazy stuff. This is another of those issues where we time jump back to the 1990s and learn more about Deadpool’s past. We know that Agent Adsit was caught in the knowledge blast from one of the Watcher’s eyes and saw Deadpool kill his parents, but we really don’t know more than that. This issue is supposed to answer the questions left from this revelation. So, this series never fails to have some great jokes, but this one is full of real laughs. Whether in the banter between Deadpool and Sabretooth (Say hi to Slade for me) or in some of the comments from Butler, this issue definitely took a lot of thought. Add to this the inclusion of Alpha Flight (… kind of) and you have a must read Deadpool story. Now, the whole thing about killing his parents is a sad part of the story, but something that gives us a deeper view into the pain that he lives with in his life and heals over constantly, similar to Wolverine’s loss of certain memories deemed too hurtful. This is a good read. My Rating: 5/5

Original SinGuardians of the Galaxy #19 – We started the true story behind how Peter Quill dealt with Thanos in the Cancerverse, and how they escaped, last issue. Now, the story continues. Drax, Richard Ryder, and Quill all faced a dual threat, the power of Thanos and the overwhelming power of the cosmic cube. Finally, Peter uses the cube to blast Thanos into oblivion, only to have him come back to life and kill Peter who comes back to life… and endless cycle of death and rebirth because they do not belong in the universe. the story is interesting and takes a pretty cool twist and turn, but we are really getting away from the core story of Original Sin and I sort of feel like this was only a crossover because of the immense popularity of the movie this Summer. If you want to know what happened, give it a read, but not a crucial part of the whole crossover for this series. My Rating: 3.5/5

That is all that I will be covering, since any more issues will just be one offs that do not pertain to the story of the death of the Watcher and Nick Fury stepping in to become the Unseen, chained on the moon to observe but never act. And what about the Watcher’s baby? I hope we see more about the baby in the future. Anyway, I hope you have enjoyed this exhaustive coverage of Marvel’s big Summer event, Original Sin. Stay tuned to Comic Booked for move event coverage in the future.

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