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Original Sin Event Coverage: July 2, 2014

Original Sin

Welcome back to Comic Booked’s Original Sin Event coverage. Every week I read and review every comic book that Marvel Comics releases related to the Original Sin Summer Event. We are past the halfway point, with this week seeing the release of Original Sin #5. Jason Aaron and crew are still building up to the big reveal, which is coming soon. Remember to come back here every Wednesday for full updates on Original Sin events.


Original Sin #5 – This issue could really be called “The Secret Origin of Nick Fury” because basically we get a full history of all the dirty stuff that Nick Fury has done since just after World War II. If you wanted me to leave this review spoiler free… that would be the end of my review.

For those of you who want to know what happened and how it closes the loop on some of the information that we have received during the last four issues, keep reading. We know that there were three teams of superheroes sent out, each looking in different places but finding the same things, sentient beings who had been killed by some gamma irradiated bullets. Even a planet. Now we find out who did it and why.

Original SinNick Fury was a spy following WWII and was involved in all sorts of different operations. One of those operations had him fighting aliens coming through a portal in Kansas. While aliens were nothing new to his team, this was more like an invasion force. And it was only with the help of some flying guy in armor that they were able to destroy the portal and, in the process, decimate the world on the other end.

The man who helped, and died, during the fight, was named Woodrow McCord, and he was working with Howard Stark to defeat these aliens. It is interesting that Stark mentions that this is not the first time that McCord has died… of course, that is not explained, so file that away for another day. Fury is not very trusting of Stark, but Stark convinces him that he is not an alien by explaining the fact that “aliens can’t grow mustaches.” Sounds about right to me.

Original SinWith McCord dead, Stark tasks Fury with a new job. He is to be the man on the wall, the one guarding humanity from the scum of the universe. Through a series of flashbacks, we see that every body that the teams had found up till now, even the planet, were beings that Fury had killed to save mankind or prevent some sort of peril. He was ruthless, but it looks like this was not a job that allowed you to keep your hands clean. As Fury says, “Not every job is for Captain America.”

As much as Fury wanted all of these dirty deeds to remain unseen, there was always one being who watched. Assassinations, tortures, decimating planets, and dethroning gods, Uatu, the Watcher, watched it all and recorded the events. Was this what the Watcher’s killer was after? Is there something that Nick Fury was involved in that would be valuable enough to kill a cosmic being?

There are a lot of other little scenes that are worth seeing in this issue, so be sure you pick it up. There are still secrets, things that Nick has not told and other things we are yet to find out about. Daredevil, Deadpool, Thor & Loki, and many others still have things to answer for. Tune in next week.

If you need to catch up on the Original Sin Event Coverage, click here.

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