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Original Sin Event Coverage: July 23, 2014

Original Sin

Forgive me readers, for I have not sinned. It has been two weeks since my last confession. But, this week, I give you everything to catch you up on the Original Sin event from Marvel Comics. This storyline has had its AHA! moment, but none more so than in the last couple of weeks. In the last issue of Original Sin, we found out that Nick Fury was the universe’s assassin, killing things before they became problems… but we still really don’t know who killed the Watcher. Oh, yeah, the Watcher is dead and his eyeballs were taken. Let’s find out what happens next.


Original SinOriginal Sin #6 – This issue begins with Dr. Midas (looking a lot like Ben Grimm) and Exterminatrix heading out into the middle of the ocean, ready to take a rocket to the moon. The rest of this issue is divided between two parts of the main story, the teams that are confronting old Nick Fury in his secret satellite and the Avengers team that is trying to figure out what happened to Nick Fury. The main teams, Punisher, Doctor Strange, Ant Man, Gamora, Black Panther, Emma Frost, Rocket Raccoon, Moon Knight, … are pressing old Nick Fury for some more answers, since it is still not clear if Nick killed the Watcher or if someone else was involved. The way that Eterminatrix said that this was the worst murder they had been involved with seems to point to her and Dr. Midas as the culprits, but I am having a really hard time making sense of their parts in this. The rest of the story flows pretty well, as the Avengers figure out the Fury they saw die was an LMD and Stark is able to trace a signal to the secret satellite. As the Avengers bust in to bust some LMD heads along with the other teams, old Fury has taken the final step off the ledge and has both Watcher eyes… This can’t be good. – My rating: 3.5/5

Original SinOriginal Sin 3.2: Hulk vs. Iron Man #2 – So, Banner knows that Stark did something to the gamma bomb that may have caused him to become the Hulk. You can imagine that this is enough to piss him off a bit. Stark heads out to the middle of nowhere, Arizona or New Mexico, probably, and buys the old Motel where he and Banner stayed the night before the gamma bomb test. He is trying to piece together what happened. Normally I really like Mark Waid and Kieron Gillen, but I must say the worst line that I have read in any comic for a long time is on page 6 of this issue. As the Iron Man armor touches down and he prepares to put it on, Stark says… no really, this is awful… He says, “It’s C.S.I.-ron Man time.” It would be explainable if Tony was still drunk, but he’s not. Oh, well. Anyway, the rest of the story focuses on Tony finding out that he got really drunk the night before the bomb test, big surprise, and stormed off to maybe do something that would regret if he remembered it. Meanwhile, Banner and Arno are tweaking Banner’s Extremis coding just a little bit. Yeah, that can’t be good either. Just a whole lot of not good in this issue, bu overall a good story. – My Rating: 4/5

Original SinNova #19 – Sam is looking for his father, Jesse, but not because he wants to be reunited with his father, more because he wants some answers about why he saw his father kill another Nova. During the knowledge bomb, Sam was given a secret about Jesse, but it was hard to decipher. He takes off and finds his friend, Rocket Raccoon. Rocket, after shooting some mercs in the face, takes Sam to meet Adomox, another of the Black Novas, a gang of Novas who turn out to be not quite as good as they should have been. As Rocket continues to blast people’s faces, Sam questions Adomox about Jesse. Adomox explains that the Black Nova helmets were designed to unlock the Nova force instead of having to wait to access more of it as you were promoted through the ranks of the Corps. In the end, Sam’s view of his dad is quite a bitter darker and, now that Adomox has poisoned both him and Rocket, they have to go to the secret bunker of the Black Novas to retrieve a machine to give Adomox what he longs for, the power of the Nova Force once again. – My Rating: 4/5

Original SinUncanny X-Men #23 – As always, there are several storylines evolving in this series. The first and last pages are about some guy named Matthew, whose girlfriend/wife is killed during the battle with the Skrulls a year ago. His story has an interesting little twist at the end, so I won’t spoil that for you. The next story is about Cyclops’ band of X-Men. Hijack saved their collective butts by showing up and taking control of all the helicarriers and sentinels, proving that he was way more powerful than anyone first thought. Cyclops reconciles with him and apologizes for kicking him out and welcomes him back to the team. Next story focuses on Allison Blair, Dazzler, who, until recently, was a prisoner of Mystique who was impersonating her and using her blood to make Mutant Growth Hormone on Madripoor. Now that she is free, she is having a hard time coping. Pretty sure she is about to give herself a hair cut. Finally, Jennifer Walters, also known as She-Hulk, receives an interesting package in the mail containing the will of Charles Xavier. Now, they just need to get the band back together so it can be read. Should be interesting. – My Rating: 4/5

Original SinOriginal Sins #4 – This is a series made up of multiple stories. Sometimes it is the reintroduction of a character, the continuation of a story, or just the fallout from the knowledge bomb. The first story is all about the fallout. Gil Carmichael was caught in the blast in the middle of New York when the Orb held up one of the Watcher’s eyes and it blasted secrets out to everyone. He just happened to get secrets about Doctor Doom and decided that it would be a good idea to blackmail him. Unfortunately, Gil learns to never underestimate the power of Doom. In the Young Avengers story, Prodigy, Marvel Boy, and Hulkling are still helping the Hood extract the secrets from the junkies brains… yeah, you have to read the previous articles or just go catch up on my reviews. The Hood’s true plan is revealed and no one is too happy about, so it looks like a big throwdown next issue with the finale of Original Sins. The final pages of this issue are a funny story of a kid who took a whiz on Captain America… yeah, you have to read it. – My Rating: 4/5

Original SinDaredevil #6 – Another victim of the eyeball bomb, Matt Murdock is the man without fear, Daredevil. what secret did he see? A scene of his father, the boxer Battlin’ Jack Murdock, having hit his mother, a woman named Grace that Matt had never known. Lately, he had found her, but she was a nun named Sister Maggie.  Now that Matt has this secret, he wants to ask Maggie about it, but she is in prison. The weird part is that Maggie and the two other nuns arrested with her are being extradited to Wakanda for their crimes. All because they were spray painting protest grafitti on the wall of a military base. Matt does his best in both of his guises. Turns out  that the Wakandan government bought the base and were creating some sort of weapons there. Of course, they cleared it all out and they were waiting for Daredevil and beat him up pretty good. Will he be able to save his mother? – My Rating: 4/5

Original SinOriginal Sin #5.2: Thor & Loki: The Tenth Realm #2 – Just like last issue, we are shown the “Prison of Gods”. We then jump to the Guardians of the Galaxy defending their ship from warp-jackers, people who hijack ships in mid-warp and kill all the passengers just for fun. Angela dispatches one and, following Old Loki’s voice in her head, jets off to find her way to the Tenth Realm and her brother, Thor. Meanwhile, Thor and Young Loki have entered the Tenth Realm and are admiring the view, but upon introducing themselves, the battle ensues. These angels seem ready for battle at a moment’s notice and the queen is ready to invade Midgard. As Thor battles the angels, Loki sneaks to the throne room and confronts the queen, blade to her throat. How can this end? What happens when Angela finally makes her appearance? You’ll have to read it. My Rating: 4.5/5

Original SinMighty Avengers #12 – Kaluu is meeting with the Mighty Avengers while Luke and his father are talking about the past exploits of James Lucas’ super team. The tale really begins in the 1970’s with the Bear telling about the Deathwalkers. We also get the origin of the Bear. She was a being created, half human and half beast, to be the great sacrifice for the Deathwalkers as they attempted to bring about the end of humanity. We also find that Kaluu is from Kamar-Taj, the home of the talisman that the Deathwalkers use to make their hybrids and will use to cast the final spell. Kaluu wants revenge for the graves of his people that were robbed. The rest of the story is the battle with the Deathwalkers in the past and how Blue Marvel ended up saving everyone but was not able to stop the Deathwalkers. In the end, James hid from or pushed away everything having to do with the original Mighty Avengers. Even his own son. Now, they have reconciled and things will be happy and wonderful… except for the Deathwalkers. So Kaluu wants the Mighty Avengers to help stop them for good. My Rating: 4.5/5

Original SinDeadpool #32 – U.L.T.I.M.A.T.U.M. is not happy about Deadpool crashing their helicarrier, so they are trying to kidnap his daughter. They also made a mess of Robo-Preston. Between Deadpool hurtling at top speeds to find his daughter and Dazzler being left behind in the sewer to face the vampire horde, this issue is crazy. Luckily, Shiklah shows up and helps Dazzler out with some wholesale vamp slaughter. Deadpool gets shot in the face, the brain, the guts… yeah, just about everywhere. Somehow, and I am still not really seeing how this happens, he gets into one of the guys outfits and saves the day, but Utler dies and Deadpool is left hauling Eleanor through a firefight while waiting for his backup, whoever that may be. This is once again a great story, very fast paced and full of action and face shooting. We also found out that Adsit saw Deadpool’s parents and they were killed in a fire, which Deadpool may have set (?), still not super clear on that one. My Rating: 4.5/5

Original SinAmazing Spider-Man #4 – Peter Parker is back in his body (yay) after having been mind swapped with Doctor Octopus (who made a great Spider-Man, one may even say superior). Now, everyone just accepts that he was mind swapped and that was why he was acting weird and everything is back to normal (really? yeah, read it). Peter has to leave the lab to face down the villains involved in the Watcher’s murder. So, he gets caught in the eye-bomb and shown that someone else was bitten by the radioactive spider that gave him his powers. A girl who was taken by Ezekiel Sims, Cindy Moon, and kept safe, was also bitten and give the same powers as Peter. A neat little tidbit is that the password for the lock to her door is 616001, 616 being the standard Marvel Universe. Cindy attacks Peter when he releases her from her vault in Ezekiel’s old building. She tells him that Morlun will come now that he has released her. Morlun was the bad guy from a pretty cool storyline called “The Other” from 2005 to 2005 crossing over all the Spider-books at the time. This was where Spider-Man learned about and confronted a cosmic Spider-force. It was pretty cool. Anyway, the possiblity of the resurrected Morlun coming back for another round with Spidey and Cindy could be a lot of fun in this new series. Silk, as she calls herself, makes a cool web-based costume and off they swing. This is a great new storyline, although not a huge fan of changing or adding to a classic origin story. We shall see. – My Rating: 4/5

Are you overdosed on sin this week? I hope not because there will be more next week. Tune in for full coverage every week right here on Comic Booked. Let me know what you think of this overall storyline or any of the individual books by leaving a comment below.

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