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Original Sin Event Coverage: June 4, 2014

Original Sin

After a one week break, I am back to bring you up to speed on what is going at Marvel Comics with Comic Booked’s Original Sin Event coverage. This event will continue into August crossing over into several different comics, similar to the Infinity event from last year. This week I will review the comics that were released last week and this week.


Original Sin Event CoverageMighty Avengers #10 – We know that Ronin was secretly Blade in disguise, and that Blade has been hunting vampires and other monsters all over the world. Lately, the Daywalker has been hunting multiple types of were-creatures, culminating with a bloody battle against fire-breathing were-roosters. Yeah, were-roosters. And, the worst part is that they get the better of him. Blade is stabbed through with twin blades after being flame-breathed. Jump to the moon. Adam Brashear is the Blue Marvel a being of immense power that has stayed fairly secluded recently as he researched sciency stuff. Having spent time in the past with Uatu, the Watcher, the news of his death was quite a shock to Adam. He immediately went to the moon to find out what happened. There he meets and talks with Ulana, the wife of Uatu. She and Adam discuss the Watcher’s death and how her race deals with death. She also tells Adam that if Uatu had a friend in this multiverse that he watched, that friend would have been Adam. Meanwhile, the battle rages in New York City as the Mighty Avengers, led by Luke Cage, battle a Mindless One that has telepathic powers and continues to lament his current knowledge of secrets, as we have seen happen to them before, and its rampage is only ended when Spectrum bores a hole right through the Mindless One. This drives Luke Cage to tell his team that they are now going to try to solve the Watcher’s murder. The final two scenes set a strong contrast in this issue. First, back on the moon, Adam is introduced to a giant floating baby head. Kind of cute and creepy at the same time, the baby of Uatu and Ulana still needs some help developing, so Adam is asked to be the baby’s Godfather. Awww. The last scene shakes the cute and cuddly right out of us as we see Blade, still alive but being drained by were-lampreys controlled by the Deathwalkers, four mystical looking beings with nefarious plans.

Original Sin Event CoverageAvengers #30 – The Time Gem, one of the most powerful of all the Infinity Gems, shattered, catapulting the Avengers through time. The gem reforms and disappears at what is titled “Betrayal + 48 years”. At this time, in the future, the Avengers meet the members of the Avengers Union, made up of a female Thor, a female Starbrand, a guy dressed armor that sort of looks like Captain America, an old Hyperion, some armor wearing girl (Iron-Girl?), and Hawkeye. Old Hawkeye fills the Avengers in on what is supposed to happen, telling them that this is just the first time jump, and that some can be worse. Then, in a move that really makes me like him, he shoots Tony Stark with an arrow and proceeds to beat the crap out of him, ending with Tony using the device that signaled the incursions to teleport away. In the end, the Time Gem reforms again and sends the rest of the Avengers further into the future, leaving them in “Betrayal + 422 years”. There is a lot in this issue dealing with the conflict caused by Captain America remembering that Tony reformed the Illuminati and had them screw with Cap’s memories. Looks like we are in for an interesting new series of adventures.

Original Sin Event CoverageDeadpool #29 – Deadpool and Shiklah have been happily married for a short period of time, at least long enough to jet off to Tokyo for a honeymoon, but Dracula is still mad about losing out on the opportunity to rule the Underworld. While Dracula continues to send assassins, Deadpool and Shiklah continue to kill them. Meanwhile, Agent Preston has news about Deadpool’s daughter. A birth certificate proving that Deadpool, or “Deadbeat” as Carmelita printed, was Elanor’s father. He grudgingly agrees to allow Preston to continue the hunt for Elanor. Deadpool leaves and stumbles on Dazzler, or, for those of you who have been reading any of Uncanny X-Men, Mystique posing as Dazzler. He asks her to help him take out the evil vampires with her light powers, but she refuses… probably because, as Mystique, she can’t simulate another mutant’s powers. Deadpool decides to head to the Baxter Building for a little help while Preston and Adsit are caught in the blast of the “secret bomb”, which is what the Orb called the eye of the Watcher that he held up for everyone to see. Preston sees the secret that Elanor was taken by Butler and given to his brother to be raised while Adsit is blasted with some secret about Deadpool’s parents that, I guess, will have to wait for a later issue because Adsit says “I don’t want to talk about it”. Finally, Deadpool uses a time travel device from the Fantastic Four to go back to one of Dazzler’s early performances and recruit her to help him with his vampire problem. This should be interesting.

Original Sin Event CoverageOriginal Sin #3 – Lots of time jumping going on right now. At the beginning of this issue, we are taken back a few weeks to see the Orb talking with Dr. Midas and his daughter, the Exterminatrix, about a dream he had about the Watcher. Through this dream he explains about all the secrets and power that could be gained from those secrets. Back to the now, the “secret bomb” has just gone off, blasting the secrets from the Watcher’s eye across all the assembled heroes. The outraged shouts hint at some the coming stories we will hear, but my favorite is “HULK… SMASH… STARK!” Nick Fury approaches the Orb, but the Orb admits that while he does have the Watcher’s eye, he is not the murderer, but he wants to know who is. Meanwhile, the teams sent on their search by the mystery man have found a few clues, but nothing that really helps them. Gamma irradiated bullets, dead monsters who were killed over the course of decades, and a trail of shell casings in space are all the clues we have so far. There is a mysterious scene where the mystery man is looking at a computer monitor that looks to be connected by a series of cables to some sort of cylinder, perhaps holding someone or something that is a key to the answers we need. Still not sure. Back to Winter Soldier, Moon Knight, and Gamora, as they find another victim of this cosmic killing spree, a living planet shot with the same gamma-bullets. Bucky disappears, blows up the ship, and teleports into Nick Fury’s base. What happens next is the big shocker ending of this issue and I just can’t spoil it, but I can say that no one can run from their sins… not even Nick Fury.

Do you feel sinful now? Go now and sin no more… at least until next week. Jason Aaron continues a pretty cool story and I will keep you up to date on everything going on as the Original Sin continues in Original Sins coming in the next two weeks. If you have missed any of my previous columns, check them out here.

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