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Original Sin Event Coverage: Original Sin #0 Review

Original Sin

I ran to the comic shop today and picked up Original Sin #0. I had to see what Mark Waid had in store to get people hyped for the huge crossover event. What I got was totally not what I expected. And, I must say, that was really awesome. I am going to stick to broad plot points and not get into details, because the comic was just too good for me to spoil it for you. So, on with the review as I bring you this week’s Original Sin Event Coverage.

Original SinWritten by Mark Waid, and an art team including Jim Cheung, Paco Medina, Mark Morales, Guillermo Ortego, Dave Meikis, Juan Vlasco, and Justin Ponsor, Original Sin #0 focuses on two main characters, Sam Alexander, the young Nova, and Uatu, the Watcher. Last year, Sam found his father’s Nova helmet, put it on, and shouldered the mantle of being the universe’s last Nova. This has been a pretty heavy burden as he tries to manage his already troubled life, issues with his father, and problems at school with both grades and attendance. Suddenly being a galactic superhero called upon to save the cosmos and battle any enemy that decides you are a target is almost more than the boy can handle.

Sam’s relationship with his dad was pretty strained as his father was an alcoholic who would drink and then reminisce about “adventures” in space as a member of the Nova Corps. Sam always wanted to believe him, but reason dictated that it was just the rambling of a alcohol-addled brain. Until his father disappeared and Sam found the helmet. From that moment on, Sam’s life has been one adventure after another and he has matured quite a bit, but there is still one question that troubles him. So, he flies off to see the one being who would know the answer.

Meeting Uatu is probably a pretty humbling event for anyone, but especially someone like Sam, who sees himself as less than the big heroes and still pretty wet behind the ears. After talking with Captain America, Sam asked a question that got everyone thinking. What is the Watcher’s purpose in observing everything? I loved Sam’s line, “I understand WHAT he does. But WHY does he do it? Is he studying for a test?” The best part is, even the Avengers have no real answer to the why of it all.

On the moon, Uatu waits patiently as the young Nova shows up and gives him a “special” gift. The Watcher turns and walks into his abode and Sam, taking that as an invitation, follows him. After a little mix up, which I am sure is not a huge foreshadowing to coming events (sooooo many guns), Sam meets Uatu again in front of a series of screens where he gets an answer to one of his questions but not the truly personal, burning question.

Original SinThe Watcher’s origin is very interesting and explains why he watches and the burden that is placed on him, not just to watch and chronicle, but to hope for some proof that his father, the wise Ikor, was not wrong in wanting to help the lesser races to achieve a higher evolutionary place. The events that unfold are both disturbing and commonplace in the real world, so not unexpected. In the end, Sam’s empathy comes through as he says, “I wanted my dad to be right, too.”

Oh, and what was Sam’s other burning question? You will have to read the comic to find out, but the answer could have some deep implications in the future of Sam, his family, and his “career” as a Nova.

This story is truly a great comic. If you did not pick this up thinking this would be just one more stupid hyped up event that had no impact, at least get this issue for the emotional value of having a better understanding of a Marvel Universe icon. I am eagerly awaiting the next eight issues of this series along with Original Sins, the five-issue mini series, and the crossover issues. I want the whole story and I may even break my own rule by buying the Marvel Infinite digital comic, so I get everything.

Look for more Original sin coming up in May with Original Sin #1, Avengers #29-30, Mighty Avengers #10, and Deadpool #29. Then Original Sin: Secret Avengers Infinite Comic from the Marvel Comic Store on May 21, 2014. and come back here every week for reviews and news on this huge Marvel Comics event all Summer long.

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