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Original Sin

Welcome to the official Week 1 of the Comic Booked Original Sin Event Coverage, since this week sees the release of Original Sin #1. I feel like there are three groups of people out there right now. This first group is holding their breath and hoping for something fun, interesting, and enjoyable from this huge Marvel event. The next group is already shaking their heads, throwing out scathing comments, and comparing this event to every other comic book event in the history of comic books, knowing that it will just be another load of crap to either promote a movie, bring one character back to life, or create some new toy line to market in the next Happy Meal. The last group, which some of you may be a part of, are those who are really not too clear on what this “event” thing is all about. Glad you stopped by.

As a quick primer, you can check out my previous ramp up of event coverage, lots of previews and speculation. Covering the next sixteen weeks, one issue every two weeks, Original Sin will tell the tale of the death of Uatu, the Watcher, and the repercussions of the theft of his eyes, eyes that have seen every event in the Marvel Universe, as well as every secret and sin. Who will be changed, hurt, or destroyed by these secrets? Read on and begin to find out. There will be crossovers into most of your favorite Marvel comics and another mini-series, Original Sins, that runs parallel to the main storyline. For now, let’s look at Original Sin #1 released this week.

Spoiler Alert, just warning you.

Original SinIn this first issue, the Watcher moves about his home on the moon, preparing to travel where the Universe wants him to be next to observe and record the next big event. This time is different as, instead of teleporting to somewhere else, he is to stay home tonight and witness a major event in the Marvel Universe… his own death. The Avengers are called to investigate, along with Nick Fury, and they get to the moon to find the Watcher dead and his eyes gouged out. It also looks like a lot of his fancy space technology has been stolen. Not a good situation.

Meanwhile, in Wakanda, Black Panther is sent a file from a mysterious person, possibly the killer(?), wanting him to explore different locations with a team that has already been chosen. Who makes up that strange team? Ant-Man, Emma Frost, Punisher, Dr. Strange, Moon Knight, Winter Soldier, and Gamora make up part of the team, so far.

Original SinShift back to the moon and see that Black Widow was able to scrape out some bullet fragments from Uatu’s skull, that look sneakily like the shard that was being handled by our mystery man who was communicating with Black Panther. Next, we head back to Earth where Ben Grimm is fighting one of the Mindless Ones, only this one is a bit different as it seems to have some telepathic abilities and it is sending out halfway coherent thoughts. “WHY HE MAKE I KNOW?” And it doesn’t help that it just happens to be carrying the Ultimate Nullifer. The Mindless One was cursed with knowledge by Uata… “NOW SIN IS ALL I SEE”.

Original SinAfter this battle, each smaller team heads off to their own destination, the center of the Earth, another plane of existence, and space. What will they find? Who controls  the eye? What is the strange change that the eyes cause in the people who touch and interact with them? Too many questions, but so far, this is really good and I am excited about what will happen next.

Stay tuned next week for some Avengers action as the crossovers begin. Then, in two weeks, be back for Original Sin #2. In the meantime, be sure to check out all of our other reviews, news, and opinions. Thanks for being Comic Booked.

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