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Original Sin Event Coverage: Sins Uncovered

Original Sin

The sins are everywhere as Original Sin begins to unfold. Marvel’s new big event for 2014 promises to leave no stone unturned as the deepest darkest secrets are displayed for all to see. This week on my Original Sin Event Coverage, I will run down what we know about the sins and who has them. Next week is Original Sin #1, but for now, let’s just wallow in the sins of our favorite heroes.

Original SinFantastic Four – Starting with issue #6, the big secret that will be revealed among Marvel’s first family has to do with Ben Grimm. Reed Richard’s has always felt responsible for The Thing’s current predicament, and has tried many times in the history of the Fantastic Four to undo the change, with varying results. What if, at one time, Reed had the tool to cure Ben? What if the Human Torch accidentally destroyed it? Yeah, you think they had a rough relationship before…

Original SinHulk and Iron Man – We know that Banner and Stark have not really had the best relationship and that Hulk would rather punch puny tin man than to work together with him. What is at the root of this enmity? Could it be that Tony Stark actually had a hand in the creation of the Hulk? The truth will be revealed.

Original SinThe Illuminati – The group of superhero decision makers has been in existence for a while now and have played some major roles in the Avengers books over the last few years. Made up of Captain America, Doctor Strange, Black Bolt, Iron Man, Black Panther, Mister Fantastic, and the Sub-Mariner, this group has guided the fate of Earth through secret meetings, deception, and subversion. They once sent Bruce Banner off into space leading to the whole “World War Hulk” storyline. So, what is the secret that will come out in the pages of Original Sin? Probably the way they screwed with Captain America’s memories to make him forget the fact that they had him use the Infinity Gauntlet to destroy an alternate Earth… could be.

Original SinDaredevil – The man without fear has had a pretty rough life being the protector of Hell’s Kitchen, practicing law, losing everything, and having to leave his home and head across country. What sort of sins could possibly be revealed about Matt Murdock that have not already been spread across every newspaper, tabloid, and television station? All I can say is that after 30 years of comic book stories, the truth about Matt’s mother will finally be revealed in Daredevil #6.

Original SinSpider-Man – With the recent fanfare around the return of Peter Parker as Spider-Man, it was bound to happen that some secret from his past would come out. Most members of the Spider-team seemed much to easily accepting of the story about how Doctor Octopus had swapped minds with him and had been living as Peter Parker/Spider-Man for the last year or more. So, why not bring out some sin that no one could have possibly seen coming. Almost more like what I would expect from a What If comic than a regular Marvel Universe title, the radioactive spider that gave Peter his remarkable powers may have bitten someone else before it died? A new character, Silk, will be revealed in Amazing Spider-Man #4.

Original SinThor and Loki – All I can say for this one is… Thor and Loki have a sister? Seems so, and she must not be very happy.

That’s it for this week. The eyes of the Watcher are floating out there somewhere, so be on the lookout. Next week, prepare yourself for a full review of Original Sin #1 and maybe even a Watcher eyeball or two. Until then, catch up on any episode of Comic Booked’s full Original Sin Event Coverage.

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