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Original Sin Event Coverage: T-Minus One Week

Original Sin

One week to go before the kickoff of Marvel’s big event, Original Sin. Next week we get to look at Original Sin #0, a way of getting to know Uatu, the Watcher, before he is mercilessly killed and his eyes are removed. Really very gruesome… who comes up with this stuff?

This week, we will take a look at a preview of Original Sin #1. This series will be an 8-issue series spanning the summer of 2014 from the creative team of Jason Aaron, writer of Amazing X-Men, and Mike Deodato, artist of New Avengers, Avengers, and Guardians of the Galaxy. Let’s jump into a brief overview of the story and then I will show you a few of the beautiful pages from this issue.

Original Sin #1 begins on the moon, showing Uatu, The Watcher, dead with his home in ruins. With all of his alien technology now missing, the Marvel Universe will never be the same as all of The Watcher’s secrets are somewhere out there. Luckily, all the heroes have mobilized to find them and keep them from being released… but mainly because they all have something to hide.

The Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Avengers ,and the X-Men will all have their parts to play in the strange game of Clue. This is a race against time to find The Watcher’s killer before the killer reveals their secrets. Who killed The Watcher? Did he see something that he shouldn’t have seen? What is this “shocking truth that will shake the Marvel Universe to its core”?

Tom Brevoort, Marvel’s Executive Editor, gives us some great food for thought as we prepare to embark on this investigation.

This is a murder mystery on a Marvel Universe scale, so the suspects and motivations span all of space and time, and even the nature of existence itself! And in fact, there are two possibilities: first, that the Watcher was killed because of some grudge or slight, or to gain possession of his secrets. Or, more menacingly, the Watcher was killed in order to prevent him from seeing what comes next—to prevent him from interceding as he has so many times before! Neither is a particularly comforting thought to the heroes of the Marvel Universe! Nor is the notion that the being who could murder a nigh-omnipotent, eternal figure such as the Watcher must rank among the most dangerous and powerful individuals in existence!

If you thought that you knew your favorite heroes, prepare for some really interesting revelations. And now, ART!

Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin

We see good old Nick Fury in this art, so that is pretty cool. Every time I think he is dead he sneaks back around. Of course the spy master himself probably has some big bad secrets that he doesn’t want out floating in the universe either.

Here is a checklist to make sure you don’t miss any comics in the whole Original Sin event. Be sure to go to your LCS and add these books to your comic pull each week.


Original Sin #0


Original Sin #1-2

Avengers #29-30

Deadpool #29

Mighty Avengers #10


Original Sin #3-4

Original Sins #1-2

Hulk Vs. Iron Man #1-2 (Original Sin #3.1-3.2)

All-New Invaders #6

Avengers #31

Deadpool #30

Fantastic Four #6

Mighty Avengers #11

Nova #18

That gets you halfway through. Enough to get excited about for one week. Be sure to tune in next week for a full review of Original Sin #0 and whatever other news I can put together for you.

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