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Original Sin Event Coverage: Watcher’s Eye View

Original Sin

The eyes of the Watcher have seen every event that has ever happened, whether in this Marvel Universe or any other. With Marvel Comics’ newest event, Original Sin, kicking off in April, this big-headed icon of voyeurism will play a pivotal, if non-living, role in the uncovering of major secrets and, most likely, some big changes to the Marvel Universes. Who shot the Watcher? Who took his eyes? And WHY?

Original SinOriginal Sin was teased last year with a postcard showing the obvious outline of Uatu and red smudges where his eyes should be. Based on that, we assumed that Uatu dies and something happened with his eyes. More has been revealed, both on and through other means. The timeline for the Original Sin storyline stretches from April 2014 all the way through August. We have received a few pieces of information, so I will put this puzzle together as best I can and give you some sneak peeks at the great covers that will highlight this intriguing story about the death of Uatu, The Watcher.

Original SinAnyone who was reading either Fantastic Four or FF will have seen that Marvel’s super-family spent some time on the moon and even had a barbeque with Uatu and his very pregnant wife. At the end of the latest series of both books, there was some ominous foreshadowing involving the impending birth of their child. Not sure if this will play into things, but I wanted to throw that out for everyone to think about.

The first question is, What happened? From what we are being told, the Watcher is shot and killed. There are several suspects, and the list is a veritable who’s who among the hero world. Captain America, Spider-Man, Hulk, Winter Soldier, Black Widow, Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine are the characters on the eight different variant covers of Original Sin #1. One thing to think about is in the following quote from Jonathan Hickman about the upcoming event.

“I think we’ve skirted around the question of these heroes’ capacity to do something villainous, because they don’t have any other choice,”

Sounds like there will be a lot going on in the New Avengers and Avengers comic books over this event. The #0 issue of Original Sin will take readers back to review who the Watcher really is and set up the foundation for this new crossover event. In addition to the regular Original Sin mini-series, Marvel has a five-issue mini planned starting in June 2014 called Original Sins. This series will focus in on the sins revealed for each group, and each issue will include three stories. This first story will focus on the Young Avengers taking on the Hood and, according to Tom Brevoort during the liveblog Marvel did today, “At least one old Marvel Universe face will reappear in a vastly new form in a the first issue.”

So much information. I promise that it will only get worse before it gets better. Believe me, this sounds like a great event and should be something worth reading. I will be covering all news and reviews for the Original Sin event right here in place of my regular Wednesday What If column. I will leave you with some great covers and some cool images of some promo items that should be available soon at a comic shop near you. Keep you eyes open.

Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin Original Sin

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