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Orision #1 Kickstarter Preview


At this point my love for Kickstarter projects should not be a big secret, there is something seriously satisfying about helping people reach their goals, and on top of that some of the projects are just flat out awesome. Kickstarter has become a go to platform for not just independent artists but it has become a place for publishers to showcase their stuff as well. In the case of Orision I know this is an indie collaboration through and through and a project that is worth wild.


Orision is a unique Kickstarter for me because I had the pleasure of reading and reviewing the original so I already know how much fun this book is. Normally I don’t like to retread and revisit things that I have already done but in this case the new art has impressed me so much that I felt I needed to make this preview, and of course, I gave to the campaign.


As I said I have visited this book before when I did a preview of some of the writer Bradley Golden’s stuff and I thought it was certainly one of his best. This time around Golden has a large team that have totally outdone themselves with great art that builds from the original story. Golden has a co-writer and several artists that have really stepped up the art. These are the guys that are heading up the project.

Written by Bradley Golden and Alex Barranco
Illustrated by Gleidson Ribeiro
Inked by Phill R. Williams Jr.
Colored by Robert Nugent
Lettered by Kel Nuttall


As I said; I’m a backer, I’m a fan, and I’m more than impressed with the new art team’s take on this story. If you want to check out the Kickstarter I’m sure there are some rewards that will catch your eye!

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