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Patrick Warburton Is Still The Tick

The Tick

The Tick is one of the strangest, funniest and most strangely entertaining characters to every jump from book to small screen. For eight glorious episodes in 2002, Fox brought the blue-clad superhero to life. Patrick Warburton gave us the acting, and voice, to the character that previously appeared in an animated series for three seasons on the same network.

Actually, superhero may be a bit strong when talking about The Tick. He is amazingly clumsy, surrounded by characters that are equally popular and yet bumbling idiots. Somehow, the group of comic book parodies find themselves on the cusp of a comeback.

Comebacks seem to be popular these days. When Hollywood runs short of ideas, they are not afraid to pull out every show that may fit into the latest popular craze. With Marvel and DC finding success on both the large and small screen, studios are scrambling to find original characters that they long forgot about. From The Greatest American Hero to The Tick, it is obvious that studios are going to take a chance on most anything remotely related to superheros.

Warburton has reached a deal with Sony Television to bring the series back to life, according to People. The series continues the ongoing battle between streaming sites to snatch up numerous properties in an attempt to one-up the competition.

There is no word if the remainder of the cast will return to The City. While some of the cast have found recurring roles on various shows, few have enjoyed the success of Warburton or Nestor Carbonell, who played Batmanuel on the series. Carbonell went on to various successful projects but is most often linked to his role as Richard Alpert on Lost.

This is another example of nostalgia clouding vision. Some shows have a cult following that develops after cancellation that would support a new launch. Some were cancelled for a reason. When it comes to The Tick, it is hard to tell which is true. The series was funny and entertaining though it occasionally lacked when it came to being consistent. The writing was fun but lacked punch. With the right team behind it, it could find success this time around. If it is just being rebooted for the sake of having a new superhero themed show on Amazon, it may fall flat.

What are your thoughts on The Tick being rejuvenated? Is this a show that is better left in the can? Are you excited to see The Tick patrolling The City once again? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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