PAX Prime 2013: Cosplay Round-up


PAX Prime ended last night!

It was the first year that they added Monday, making it a four-day convention full of videogames, tabletop games, and combinations of them both. In relation to this article, it also meant that Sunday had just as many cosplayers as Saturday.

We were lucky enough to have tickets for the entire weekend, though it took a lot of finagling and finesse, so I surrendered Saturday to dressing in costume and running around the halls, instead of actually making any plans to go anywhere or do anything.

After a fateful fall while cosplaying and holding my DSLR, I’ve since picked up a drop-able, submersible, freezable point-and-shoot that can withstand anything a convention can throw my way. Upside: I can carry a camera while in costume. Downside: it’s not my 1.8 f-stop low-light friendly baby, but it does the job just fine.

So, behold! PAX Prime Cosplay 2013!


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