Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters Review

Percy Jackson


I have always had a love for all the stories of mythology and monsters. When the Percy Jackson book series hit the stands, I was first to pick them up and read them to my kids. The movies were highly anticipated as well, but, like many Hollywood adaptations of books recently, the first movie in this series, “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief”, was more of a letdown than anything. However, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters” was much better.

It was a good movie, but only when you separated it from the world of the books. Overall, the story is very good, fast paced, lots of action, great special effects. My 11-year old son and I went to see it in the theater and had a great time. With it coming out on DVD and BluRay December 17th and digital download on December 3rd, it is a good time to get a review hammered together for you.

Percy JacksonFor those of you who missed the first installment, “Percy Jackson: The Lightning Thief”, this story is about, you guessed it, Percy Jackson. He is a boy who never knew his father, he has a learning disability, and gets into trouble a lot because “things happen”. Turns out that he is the son of Poseidon, the god of the sea, and is what is called a half-blood, half mortal half god. This places Percy in a very dangerous position because there are many creatures in the world that want to kill the half-bloods.

He is taken to Camp Half-blood, trained to use his powers, and then blamed for stealing Zeus’ lightning bolt. This forces him onto a quest that takes him all over, meeting and sometimes killing many different people and creatures. All in all a cool story.

Percy JacksonSo, on to the second installment, “Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters”. In this story, Percy becomes privy to a prophecy concerning him. At least he assumes it is him, since he is the last surviving half-blood child of one of the three main gods, Zeus, Poseidon, or Hades. Percy is told that Kronos the Titan, the father of all gods, will be resurrected and destroy Olympus. The scene where the prophecy is repeated is very cool, as it is all done in stained glass. Great effects really make this scene stand out.Percy Jackson

Percy takes off, with his companions to the Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Sea of Monsters, to find the Golden Fleece to heal their friend and it just happens that someone else is hunting it to bring back Kronos. After sneaking around a boat, getting swallowed by Charybdis, and then literally bursting free, they find what they are looking for. Too little too late as the bad guy of the tale, Luke, son of Hermes, who everyone thought was dead, gets the fleece and resurrects Kronos, only to be the first one devoured by the Titan.

The tide turns after Percy realizes that he has the weapon to destroy Kronos. The fight is really spectacular and the effects on this part are very well done. Then it is just happily ever after. Not really, but it does end well for our intrepid heroes.Percy Jackson

I liked everything about this movie. It is an all ages kind of film, no bad language, great special effects, there is some violence but no blood and guts. Maybe not “The Smurfs 2”, but it does have a PG rating, which makes it safe and fun. I recommend this as a great family watch for the holiday season.