Pete Hernandez III Gets Comic Booked!

Pete Hernandez III Gets Comic Booked!

Pete Hernandez is the creator of the comic series Company Man, and he recently stopped by to share a bit about what makes his book unique!

I have a theory that almost everyone who works in the industry, especially creatively, began with a passion for the material as a hobby.  This is absolutely true of Hernandez, who had rave reviews for the current run on his favorite character Daredevil.  Like others that I’ve interviewed he began doing artistic commissions and individual drawings early on, and is still available for such work, but eventually the need to tell stories grew too strong and he started his own individual project.  That project is Company Man, and here’s the premise in the creator’s own words:

A mysterious corporation subjects minority children to an experimental serum disguised as a common Flu inoculation, granting them superhuman abilities after a ten year gestation period.


Meet Nicholas Reyes, the latest unwilling “participant” and follow him as he discovers his new found abilities and who he is as a person while being forced into dangerous situations around the world.

Company Man is a really fun book.  Hernandez has a very rich color palette, and the tones tell a story of their own.  A lot of independent artists use their freedom to create very dark and intense stories, and while this book has its fair share of peril, it stays very true to what makes comics exciting in the first place.  The panels in Company Man have a way of speaking directly to you, usually in humorous blips that add momentum to the narrative.  There’s a lot of international appeal, as the premise dictates a cast of characters representative of many cultures.  This was done completely on purpose by the creator, who feels that a diverse audience deserves equally diverse art and entertainment.  He walks the line well too, managing to communicate a message without being preachy or detracting from his intention to tell an enjoyable story.

An image from Company Man, a creator owned project from indie artist Pete Hernandez
A preview of the book is available, and if you like what you see you can buy copies exclusively through his site at a very affordable price!

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