Wizard World Philly: Cosplay Extravaganza

Impulse & Arrowette
Every time I go to a comic convention I am stunned and taken aback by all of the amazing costumes that I see, and Wizard World Philadelphia 2011 certainly wasn’t one to disappoint! Over the course of this three day convention our Comic Booked Team (consisting of Nick C, CGC Lee, Kyle Black, guest photographer Chris McCarthy and of course myself, Jordamus Prime) managed to take as many pictures as we could of these costumed marvels! Of course there were the standard costumes you see at every convention like numerous people dressed as Batman, Spider-Man and more recently Deadpool, but Wizard World Philadelphia still had plenty of original costumes to be seen that aren’t quite as common like Impulse, The Nightrunner, Solomon Grundy and even a female version of Booster Gold!
The costumes at Wizard World Philadelphia were nothing short of breathtaking, and one group of fans, led by professional wrestler/actor Eric ’The Smoke’ Moran, even took the time to band together and set up a massive photo-shoot session involving as many of the costumed heroes and villains as they could find! Moran himself must have switched into at least six different costumes over the course of the weekend, and that was just what I had seen of him! When asked what cosplay means to him and why he does it, Moran said “Cosplayers are the superstars of comic-cons!”, and I personally couldn’t agree with him more. As a guy that has gone to several cons in full cosplay gear, it’s hard to walk more then ten feet without someone stopping you to take a picture; bringing forth a feeling of celebrity to anyone in a costume.
Below is a full gallery of as many of the cool costumes that we could find at the convention! Let us know which one is your favorite in the comments section below!

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1) I think blue hair on girls is the new red hair on girls

2) If the costume is in doubt, boobs up your costume. It overcomes all flaws.

3) If you cannot fulfill #s 1 or 2 then I probably hate your costume (JK)

Terrence and Philip went into the Jake Lloyd Star Wars panel and trolled the shit out of him. It was priceless.

Yeah I had heard they were doing that at quite a few panels actually! It's like… It's a dick move on their part, but they were in character so power to them.

Of the ones I saw in person on Friday –

1st place: Stay Puft

2nd place: Zatanna

3rd place: Battlestar Galactica Viper pilot

4th place: 4th Doctor

5th place: Superman

Honorable Mention: The guy trying to look like the 11th Doctor but totally only succeeding in looking like Pee-Wee Herman holding a sonic screwdriver.

Pee-Wee Herman with a sonic screwdriver.

I have to say, I would totally watch that show!

My personal favorites of the Con were Impulse and Solomon Grundy. You don't see either of them done too often as a costume, so it was ncie to see them pop up! Also, the kid in the Impulse costume stayed in character the whole time, it was great!

This is sooo damn cool. Thanks for the coverage Jordan!

The Crimson Blur

My favorites were Green Arrow, Static Shock, and battle worn Batman Beyond. But they were all so good!

Dennis (aka Kang)

Thanks for the great article and the awesome photos. I really like the props you gave to all the cosplayers. Thanks! That's me as Kang the Conqueror and my son as (Toon) Link. Looking forward to next year and to next year's costume!

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