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Picks of the Week for 12/04/13

New Comic Releases

Hello, everybody, it’s December, therefore it’s Christmas (or Kwanzaa). Well it’s not quite either yet but if you’re looking to do some last minute Christmas shopping for the geek in your family then I suggest you read on. Every week we offer up our picks of the week for the prior week of comic books. These are the best of the best (in our opinion).


Green Arrow #26 – I talked about this a lot in my review, but this book is just absolutely hitting home-runs on nearly every single issue. Here we get the much needed flashbacks to the island, expanding the mythology and lore of the Green Arrow franchise and we get teases towards the rest of the arc. The island looks beautifully serene and hazy in a way. Kudos to Sorrentino and Miaolo for the amazing artwork. Lemire has me getting excited for each coming issue. – Julien Loeper

Phantom Stranger 14

The Phantom Stranger #14 – “Forever Evil: Blight” continues right where it left off with the last installment in the pages of Justice League Dark, also written by J. M. DeMatteis. In this issue, he is joined by artist Fernando Blanco, who is at the top of his game on this book each and every month. And even though I was slightly upset by the misleading cover (Zauriel isn’t even in this issue), it was a great second chapter to the event-within-an-event. The Phantom Stranger and the rest of the Trinity of Sin are completely and utterly fascinating to me, so the fact that they’re teaming up with (albeit reluctantly) the rest of the DC Universe’s supernatural characters is nothing short of a dream come true. Or would that be a nightmare come true? Either way, it’s great stuff. – Jeff Hill

x-legacy 21

X-Men Legacy #21 – I can’t believe a book this good is so easy to read, usually the high end stuff is wordier or drowning in its own complexity and depth of meaning, which is just another irony of this book. Don’t let the beautiful but sometimes oddball seeming art fool you, while it sometimes takes the tone of one, this isn’t some zany, pretentious indie book, this is one of the most super of them all. ~ Scorpio Moon

Ash and the Army of Darkness #2 cover

Ash and the Army of Darkness #2 – When in doubt, pick Ash and his battle against the Deadites. This continues to be a cool story following right after the end of the movie Army of Darkness. I loved all the Evil Dead movies, so this was something that I had to pick up and read. So far, I am not disappointed by Steve Niles writing. He is awesome and has captured the essence of Bruce Campbell’s character to a tee. Now if Bruce Campbell would just read my review and comment… that would be awesome. – Aaron Clutter



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