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Picks of the Week for 12/11/13

Comic Booked Comics

A mildly late edition, but nonetheless here are the Comic Booked staff’s picks of the week for December 11th as we inch closer to Christmas.

Arkham War 3

Forever Evil: Arkham War 3 The battle escalates to the point of no return this issue, and it’s exactly as it should be in Gotham City. Brutal, dirty, and permanent. Tomasi is unmatched in his Batman mythology and characterization. Period. I look forward to each and every single issue of Batman and Robin from him and the fact that we now get a second Bat book from him (with excellent artwork as a very welcome bonus) is just about enough to make mine DC forever. Plus, you know, the other Bat books are pretty amazing as well. So, yeah. There’s a reason Batman’s been dominating all forms of comic book pop culture for the better part of the last 75 years. And it’s books like this that prove that he’s going to continue to do so for another 75. Congrats guys, on your much-deserved success. And keep up the dark, unforgiving, uncompromising work. – Jeff Hill


Cable and X-Force #17 – What a faced paced, exciting comic. They know exactly when to skip from scene to scene and how to keep things clicking. It’s perilous without taking itself too seriously, it’s very self-aware, and just like one of its main characters Hope, it has no shortage of attitude. They’re proving you can have a serious story without taking yourself too seriously.  ~ Scorpio Moon


Lunita#1: I really liked this story. It was somehting new and refreshing. Great artwork and some fresh new faces, not the same old tired heroes and villains. Lunita is a witch, formerly part of a team of genetically enhanced people, GEI. She is on her own now hunting down the source of a new drug Blue Tears, along with a DEA agent. The interesting thing about this agent is that she has the hots for Lunita. It takes all kinds. There is a good plot, smooth story, just enough exposition to help us understand what is going on, and a freaky looking mermaid. What more can you ask for? – Aaron Clutter


Batman: Black and White #4 – Normally I try to give this spot to spotlight a really, really good single issue but I wanted to give it to this anthology of short stories, because books like this give me hope that creators can tell compressed stories and still make them compelling. Each creative team is great, each story has a stunning hook, and the art is amazing (Rocafort’s looks great in black and white). I hope to see more anthologies out of DC – Julien Loeper

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