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Picks of the Week for December 18th-31st

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Sorry about the lateness on these. Holiday time gets especially hectic. Here are our latest submissions for Picks of the Week!


Batman and Two-Face 26 Picture 1

Batman and Two-Face #26:

Peter J. Tomasi is unrivaled in his characterization of the Batman universe of characters and Patrick Gleason is perfect in all things comic booky, ranging from facial expressions to explosions. This is the book that everyone’s reading but no one’s talking about. It’s (dare I say it) just as good or maybe even (gasp!) better than the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo Batman title. Erin McKillen is a great character. She’s got the necessary depth that all villains should have, but also the obnoxious foul mouth and now, after this issue, we finally know her backstory. And as per usual, it’s a compelling tragedy of Batman proportions. – Jeff Hill




Aquaman #26

Aquaman #26:

I admit I was skeptical of Jeff Parker taking over from Geoff Johns, but I loved this issue. Jeff Parker works in a very different tonal area than Johns did, bringing a greater sense of humor and faster pacing all while setting up multiple storylines. That and Aquaman fights a giant kaiju monster of all things. – Julien Loeper






Forever Evil 4

Forever Evil #4:

When the good guys have lost, and the bad guys have taken over, evil inherits the earth. The only difference this time is that the bad guys are taking control and some of their own are realizing that, though not exactly heroic, they aren’t inherently evil. Not in the purest sense. And this is where DC blows Marvel away: Their villains. They’re complex. They’re diverse. And they really could work as heroes. For now, at least. – Jeff Hill

The thing I really love about Forever Evil, more so than it’s premise, is the character work and relationships. Yes, it’s ridiculous to care about fictional characters but you come to develop an affinity for them over time, and Forever Evil #4 has character work in spades for not just Lex Luthor but also his team, and members of the Crime Syndicate. Finch’s art is at its best here as well. – Julien Loeper


Justice League Dark 26

Justice League Dark #26:

“Forever Evil: Blight” just took it up a notch. In a good way. And the timing couldn’t have been better, because I was getting a little bored, to be honest. As with this week’s issue of Forever Evil: A. R. G. U. S., the halfway point of this storyline had a much-needed pace pickup. Well done, DeMatteis and Janin. You’ve just saved this storyline. Sea King made this a fun actual tie-in to “Forever Evil”, not just a quick cash-grab. – Jeff Hill





x-force is one of our picks of the week Uncanny X-Force #15:

The arc is over, but there’s a cliffhanger of sorts, as through this experience Bishop has come to realize that Storm went mucking around in his brain a bit earlier in the series, and isn’t very happy about it. I think this is the stand out arc of the series. So thumbs up here for sure. And buy it, the last panels were worth the price of admission alone. – Scorpio Moon





The Saviors Cover


The Saviors #1

This was a cool diversion from the typical hero fodder and had no swords and sorcery. I liked Tomas as the do nothing stoner who sort of wakes up to realize his world is an illusion and there are darker forces at work. Worth a read. – Aaron Clutter






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