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Planet Comicon – Cosplay Shangri-La Day One!!!

motor city con

Planet Comicon, Kansas City’s fabulous comic convention rocked it friday!  Cosplays and intense costumers filled the halls and brought down the house!  So much creativity in Kansas – always breath-taking!  Iron Brothers of Topeka represented in their Marvel Iron Man, revamped War Machine and the always incredible Pepper Potts rescue armor suit.  They were accompanied by the best darn Stan Lee look-a-like you’ve ever seen and a mash-up of Sailor Moon and Captain America…  SO many wonderful cosplays, but my absolute favorite was the crossplay Sponge Bob!  Laughed for about 20 seconds – she was… bubbly!  lol!

Ant Lucia was the favorite artist of the day, (along with my steady fav, Phillip Moy), Ant Lucia is the intense bombshell artist that provides us ladies with the best retro Marvel and DC bombshell favorites to emulate.  Love, love, love his stuff! Other artists/writers/colorists that stuck out today in their amazing work was Lady Death – Brian Pulido and Tommy Castillo (best guy ever and most published artist in the world)!!!!! Love Illinois hometown favorite Ash Maczko of Devil’s Due and Squarriers.  Dude, you are the man!!!   Photographers were on hand to do green screens (Image Collectors) and some free shots were done as well in other areas.  The Pirate Band Musical Blades sounds like Gaelic Storm and is just as raucous and fun as the best Irish band in Dublin!  They’re great stuff, get ya jumping the jig and raising your hands in the air with pirate flare!  FUN GUYS!!!!

The most popular celeb was Carey Elwes, his line was around the corner and down the rows SOO far!  Personally like the Lost Girl celebs, as common knowledge says that show is the most rocking show ever – so no surprise there!  Project Nerd was on the lookout for cosplayers for their latest project – mums the word on what that is – spoilers!

Great cosplays, can’t emphasize that enough!  Kansas City – you are amazing!  Props the the KC Cosplayers and the group KC Cosplay and Photography.  They were incredible forces in fridays cosplay scene! (and I”m sure this is just the beginning for the weekend!!!)  Final note of the night – SO MUCH STEAMPUNK!!  Completely taken aback by the shock and awe of the steampunk airship troops out here – phenomenal!   More pics to come, took 321 friday and over 600 saturday!  Just getting this out!  Keep watching!!!


Planet Comicon43
Musical Blades is just as fun as Gaelic Storm and their antics!!!
Iron Brothers of Topeka – IBOTKS                                              Photo courtesy of Chris Dorsey

Planet Comicon61 Planet Comicon60 Planet Comicon58 Planet Comicon57 Planet Comicon56 Planet Comicon55 Planet Comicon53 Planet Comicon52 Planet Comicon51 Planet Comicon50 Planet Comicon49 Planet Comicon48 Planet Comicon47 Planet Comicon45 Planet Comicon44 Planet Comicon42 Planet Comicon41 Planet Comicon40 Planet Comicon39 Planet Comicon38 Planet Comicon37 Planet Comicon36 Planet Comicon35 Planet Comicon34 Planet Comicon33 Planet Comicon32 Planet Comicon31 Planet Comicon30 Planet Comicon28 Planet Comicon27 Planet Comicon26 Planet Comicon25 Planet Comicon24 Planet Comicon23 Planet Comicon22 Planet Comicon21 Planet Comicon20 Planet Comicon19 Planet Comicon17 Planet Comicon16 Planet Comicon15 Planet Comicon13 Planet Comicon11 Planet Comicon10 Planet Comicon9 Planet Comicon8 Planet Comicon7 Planet Comicon6 Planet Comicon5 Planet Comicon4 Planet Comicon3 Planet Comicon2 Planet Comicon1



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