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Planet Comicon’s Cosplay Day 2 – ON FIRE!!!

motor city con

Planet Comicon was on fire Saturday – artists were amazing; Ant Lucia, Tommy Castillo, Jeff Moy, Darryl Woods and Reilly Brown to name a few were exceptionally on their A-game.   Writer Sam Humphries was the ultimate favorite (He’s the writer behind the Legendary Star Lord – how can you not love this guy)!  He was such a good sport for his picture – didn’t mind Piper Chapman’s attitude at all!  🙂

KC Cosplay & Photography was incredible all weekend, especially in their cosplays.   The Tardis next to their booth was uber popular and the free photographer by their table for those cosplayers who wanted a free picture was so helpful to everyone!  Great touch – you were all fantastic! – if you want to check out more!     (KC Cosplay will be at Smallville in Hutchinson, KS on 20-21 June, 2015).   Boss new con!

Some words on Smallville Comic Convention in Hutchinson, KS – Check out this second year convention Jon and Heather Robinson put together (20-21 June 2015) – the line-up they have is bringing incredible celebs, talented artists and amazing writers –    Among the guests are IBOTks (with the best Stan Lee cosplayer around), AZ Power Girl, Danny and Heather Kelley – all intense cosplayers who will be there too with many more to meet and greet!  It’s first year was so amazing can’t wait to see what this year brings!

Saturday brought tons of cosplayers to Bartle Hall, couldn’t catch them all but here are some that completely tore it up!  Kansas is always committed to their costumes and so many gamer costumes – unique to the Midwest!  Great attitudes and all friendly folks that helped make this convention enjoyable.  HUGE steampunk group present, as well as Star Wars contingents.  Bill Butt and Tony Ackerman with their Predator costumes and Ron Panda Coleman with his Ghostbusters ranked pretty high on the list for cosplay favorites, and thanks to Abby DarkStar, who is always very sweet and was very nice to everyone that came around to her table to visit!   Finally, the Cosplay Corner fav cosplay – Cheech and Chong, they made me laugh for a long time (and they were so good they beat out the Wayne and Garth duo  for Cosplay Corners fav).   Planet Comicon Saturday was a success – so much cosplay to love!  Enjoy!

ant licia
Ant Lucia is the bomb!!! Luv him! (photo courtesy of Barb Haze)
PCCPiper Chapman
Marvel writer Sam Humphries (Legendary Star Lord, Avengers A.I., and Uncanny X-Force) seems to have some trouble brewing with Piper Chapman!
Dead Pool Artist Reilly Brown
PCC 24
KC Cosplay was magnificent this weekend!
PCC 14
IBOT – Iron Brothers of Topeka love their artists! Tommy Castillo is amazing – recovering from multiple eye surgeries, this incredible artist still came out and rocked the con!
PCC Steampunk1
Kansas Steampunk at Planet was incredibly impressive!!! Their whole group was ON!!!!


Artist Jeff Moy hard at work!
Predator cosplayers Dennis Butt and Tony Ackerman showed their stuff! Luv these guys!


PCC1shazaam PCC1drinking horn PCC1oz PCCbn PCCsteampunk2 PCCsteampunk1 PCCbm PCCnm PCCnn PCC101 PCC100 PCC91 PCC1KC IRON MAN PCC90 PCC80 PCC78 PCC77 PCC76 PCC75 PCC74 PCC73 PCC72 PCC71 PCC70 PCC69 PCC68 PCC 65 PCC64 PCC62 PCC60 PCC58 PCC57 PCC56 PCC55 PCC54 PCC53 PCC52 PCC51 PCC50 PCC48 PCC49 PCC47 PCC 46 PCC 45 PCC 44 PCC 43 PCC 42 PCC 41 PCC 40 PCC 39 PCC 38 PCC 37 PCC 36 PCC 33 PCC 32 PCC 31 PCC 30 PCC 29 PCC 28 PCC 26 PCC 25 PCC 1star wars PCC 13 PCC 12 PCC 11 PCC 10 PCC 9 PCC 8 PCC 7 PCC 6 PCC 5 PCC 4 PCC 3 PCC 2 PCC 1 PCC 22 PCC 21 PCC 20 PCC 19 PCC 18 PCC 17

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I had a complete blast this year. Thank you for sharing KC Cosplay and Photography in this awesome article. It was awesome to see you and the iBOTS there as well.

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