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Preview: Marvel’s Next Big Event – AXIS!

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Marvel is known for having several big events throughout the year. Civil War, Infinity, Fear Itself, Original Sin, Edge of Spider-Verse, House of M, all of these were big events crossing over several, if not all, comics in the Marvel Universe. We all remember the big AVX event, Avengers versus X-Men, that has had major repercussions throughout the mutant and non-mutant comics. We know that Professor X died and then his brain was stolen by the Red Skull and now the Red Skull has some funky telepathic powers. Maybe you didn’t know that, but it will play into the next big event this fall, AXIS, involving the Avengers and the X-Men and all their super villains.

Keep reading from some great Press Releases from Marvel and awesome sneak peeks of cover and interior art from books leading up to the upcoming event. Here we have the March to Axis…

It’s the marquis comics event of the fall – uniting the Avenger & X-Men for a desperate battle against the Red Skull and his armies. But first, experience the ‘March to AXIS’, the epic lead-in to Avengers & X-Men: AXIS in your first look at MAGNETO #9 – from critically acclaimed creators Cullen Bunn & Gabriel Hernandez Walta! Magneto is on a mission to put a permanent stop to anyone hunting mutants. What’s he going to do when he discovers that mutants are being hauled away to the Red Skull’s re-education camps? That alone would be enough to invoke the wrath of the Master of Magnetism. Now ask yourself what he’s going to do when he finds out the Red Skull stole the brain of his deceased friend and ally – Charles Xavier? Things are about to get messy. But can he overcome the Red Skull and his terrifying S-Men? Avengers & X-Men: AXIS looms on the horizon, but your first taste comes this September as the ‘March to AXIS’ begins in MAGNETO #9!


Then we continue to the March to Axis with Uncanny Avengers #24:

There’s a storm brewing in Genosha. A dark secret that is about to be revealed as the thrilling lead-up to Avengers & X-Men: AXIS continues in UNCANNY AVENGERS #24! What is happening behind the closed doors of the once proud mutant haven? Be there when blockbuster creators Rick Remender and Salvador Larroca expose the dark secrets of the Red Skull’s plot. Defeated and captured by the sinister S-Men, Havok, Rogue and the Scarlet Witch must escape the Red Skull’s re-education camps before it’s too late. Ever since he first stole the brain of Charles Xavier, it’s all been building to this – and now, the Red Skull’s revenge is complete. Even if the members of the Avengers Unity Squad can escape, it may be too late to save their mutant brethren. Brace yourself for the epic fall comics event as the ‘March to AXIS’ continues this September in UNCANNY AVENGERS #24!

Axis Axis Axis

Finally, we see another step in the march with Loki: Agent of Asgard #6:

The biggest comic event of the fall is just around the corner. But first, prepare yourself for Avengers & X-Men: AXIS as the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe set the stage for an epic clash between the Red Skull’s armies and the united front of Avengers & X-Men. Today, Marvel is proud to present your first look at LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #6 as the ‘March to AXIS’ continues! The creative team of writer Al Ewing and special guest artist Jorge Coelho bring the God of Mischief into the AXIS fold as Loki returns from his adventures in the Tenth Realm to face…Doctor Doom?! With his charge Valeria Richards at his side, he’ll stop at nothing to put an end to the God of Mischief! But why? What does this have to do with the Red Skull’s plot in the pages of Avengers & X-Men: AXIS? Find out as the fan-favorite series returns this September in LOKI: AGENT OF ASGARD #6!

Axis Axis Axis

The real question I have about this is will the be the Axis of Awesome? Or will we want to axe this Axis before it even begins. I know that many people are disollusioned by Marvel events that tend to end on a lackluster note, like the Infinity storyline that really just served to be the drive behind the change to the Inhumans and House of M which was only the vehicle behind bringing back Ms. Marvel. Bring us something that makes a difference in the universe and lasts. Maybe this Axis will pivotal to the future of the MArvel Universe? Or I could just keep coming up with stupid puns… Anyway, come back here weekly starting in September for full reviews and event coverage of Axis. Until then, be Comic Booked!

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