Preview of Justin Blackburn and Katie Hughes’ The Failure- Hilarious New Cartoon


Coming from the minds of hilarious writer Justin Blackburn and talented animator Katie Hughes is a great new cartoon called The Failure. The Failure also features Coma Cinema and Elvis Depressedly musician and frontman Mat Cothran, who has gained a huge amount of success for his music projects within the last decade. Delaney Mills, a musician who has also performed with Mat Cothran in Elvis Depressedly and Coma Cinema, also does voiceovers in the show, along with Gianna Rackham and Cody Hughes.


Justin Blackburn is a man of many talents, from standup comedy to fiction and poetry writing. This project looks at the life of an unsuccessful young man living in a crazy community with an assortment of entertaining characters. Enjoy the preview and keep an eye out for the cartoon. It would be great to see a network pick it up, or to see the creators release the cartoon independently. Either way, it’s worth the watch.


Learn more about Justin Blackburn and check out his information about his book, The Bisexual Christian Suburban Failure Enlightening Bipolar Blues, here on

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