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The Punisher is coming to Daredevil Season 2 !

Daredevil Season 2 on Netflix


I’m glad to announce some exciting news about our new favorite Marvel series on Netflix. Daredevil will be gaining a new character known to the masses as The Punisher. One of the most violent characters in the Marvel Universe. This news can only bring joy and happiness to those true marvel fans  that have been asking the longing question of when The Punisher will make his appearance . I know that there have been rumors flying around about him having his own series and this could well lead to a spin off.


So who is man enough to play this vigilante you ask ? None other than Jon Bernthal, known for his role in The Walking Dead series on AMC. He brings his outstanding acting skills to create that vulnerability and Anger to “Frank Castle”. He also has his Bad Ass side which we all saw in Fury the WWII movie about Nazis and the Life of a U.S. Tank squad who are known for Killing Nazi’s and outlasting other tanks in the war.  Now some of you may be asking yourself “Can he really do Frank Castle justice?” My opinion is yes.

He definitley looks like The Punisher and if you did watch him in The Walking Dead you’ll tend to agree. Anyone who can go up against that many zombies and live to tell about is ok in my book . The real question is how awesome is his outfit going to be? I also wonder if he will be teaming up with Daredevil or if he will just be in a couple of episodes to introduce him and then give him his own show. Either way the fans will still enjoy the Violent acts of The Punisher. Hopefully Jon Bernthal can live up to the expectation since his last predecessor from Punisher :WarZone didn’t .


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