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Raven Gregory Gets Comic Booked!

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I thought you would all love to get to know a little more about one of my FAVORITE writers in the comic industry.  Raven Gregory is a writer and executive editor for Zenescope Entertainment.

Raven Gregory is the Writer/Creator/Co creator of THE GIFT, The Waking, The Tide, Fly, Like a Machine, ImagiNation, Walking in the Ghost, and the one his most popular and well known series Zenescope’s Grim Fairy Tales Presents: Return to Wonderland, the sequel Beyond Wonderland, and the final part of the wonderland trilogy Escape From Wonderland as well as the Wonderland spin off Tales From Wonderland: Alice, Cheshire Cat, Red Queen, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and the Hatter part two one shots as well as the Experiment and the Arrangement short stories featured in each volume. He has also written for Viper Comics’ Dead @17 vol 3 Rough Cut, Western Tales of Terror 2, Mam Tor’s Event Horizon Vol 2 (Like a Machine), Heavy Metal, Spacedog’s Wight and Associates, Both of Zenescope Entertainment’s Grim Fairy Tales: Annual 2008 and 2009 editions (Jack and Jill and Pinnochio) The Sorcerer’s Apprentice, Snow White and Rose Red, The Little Mermaid, King Midas, Rip Van Winkle, the Goose that laid the Golden Egg, Dante’s Inferno, the GFT Giant Size #1, . In October 07 Raven Gregory became Executive Editor of Zenescope Entertainment. The 30 year old lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his beautiful wife Kourtney, their two sons Jaylon and Donavin, and daughters Athena, Novel and a dog named Wacko. His upcoming works include a new spin off from the GRIMM FAIRY TALES series, as well as the brand new CHARMED series based off the hit television show. What or who inspired you to write and how long have you been writing in the industry?

Raven Gregory: My inspirations are all over the place.  Rod Serling, Richard Matheson, Stephen King, Peter David, JMS, Bendis.  I could go on for days as these are the people that helped make me into the writer I am today.   As for how long I’ve been at this word play game I sat down to write the first issue of THE GIFT way back in 1999.  So it’s been over ten years.  Time really does fly. It sure does.  What so far has been the high point of your career in comics?  Which particular story do you enjoy the most?
Raven Gregory:  Again, there are just so many.  When both Finch and Campbell did covers for both of my books, that was huge for me.  I had chased that unicorn for years and to finally get those two on covers for me was just such a huge moment.  Working with and becoming close friends with both Ebas and Nei is right up there with that one.  Again, I can’t really narrow it down to one because every time I think I’ve had the best moment yet, something happens to top it all over again.
Pictured left to right: Eric Basaldua, Nei Ruffino, and Raven Gregory:
Raven gregory I know what you mean.  I have so many favorites.  Zenescope mostly!  What demographic and audience do you try to reach or hope to influence to read your work?
Raven Gregory: I can’t say I really ever think about that.  I usually try to write stuff that I know I myself would dig.  I like to change it up a bit from time to time just to keep it fresh but mostly I’m really writing to that 14 year old kid inside who would run to the comic store every Wednesday just to grab the new books. I know I go running every Wednesday.  My favorite characters are Sela and Calie.  Can you tell us how you came up with those characters and their back stories?
Raven Gregory: Sela is more of a Joe and Ralph thing.  That’s their baby.  Calie on the other hand came about mainly because we had decided when we began the wonderland trilogy that the story would follow Alice’s daughter.  I remember thinking about all my friends growing up, my female pals and how I could make this character feel real and not like some TV sitcom version of a teenage girl.  So I took all of that experience with my female friends and began to just mold this tragic daughter who is a good kid but clearly a result of living with someone who is quite literally insane and how that effects her and how that makes her act out.  The rest just fell into place as I continued to write the series.  She really came to life for me.  I’m really looking forward to revisting her in the crossover as it’s been over a year since I wrote Calie Liddle. Calie will always be a favorite of mine.  I can’t wait to see her in the crossover!  How do you like working for Zenescope Entertainment?  Have you wrote for any other companies and if so who?
Raven Gregory: I know this is the polictically correct answer that everybody gives but I honestly love working with those guys.  We have a really positive working relationship.  I’ve been there long enough that I know the kind of story they are looking for but at the same time they keep me in check.  Sometimes I like to go way out crazy with my tales and Joe and Ralph are always there to reign me in and keep the story on track.  I’ve done some work for Boom, Dynamite, Viper and a few others but zenescope has and always will be my home. I’ll have to look up some more of your work.  What comic books do you read and which comic is your all time favorite and why?
Raven Gregory: Locke and Key.  Hands down best comic I have read in years.  I could tell you why but I wouldn’t do it justice.  I’m also a big fan of writers like Bendis, Millar, JMS, Peter David, and Joe Hill.  Mostly I follow the writers now as it just takes out the guess work.  They are some guys who step on the stage and you just know it’s going to be good. We’ve all heard all the talk about the major crossover Zenescope is having this year.  How many series will be released for this?  How many and which characters are you incorporating into this series and what is it about?
Raven Gregory: It’s a 12 issue series that runs through the entire Grimm Fairy Tales universe dealing with a creature that is hunting down all (both good and evil) the beings from the realms of Neverland, Wonderland, Myst, and Oz.  So both good and evil have to join forces to find a way to defeat this creature before it destroys them all.
Raven gregory Wow, I can not wait to read the crossover series.  I hear you have a new creator owned series called FLY. What’s that about and when will it be released?

Raven Gregory: The FLY deals with the question of what if there was a drug that gave you the power to fly?  How far would you go to possess it?  Who would you hurt?  The story focuses on the relationship between two people as the drug essentially destroys their life and their struggle to overcome this addiction. How interesting!  I love that your stories can relate to almost anyone even if not directly.  You’ve got so many comic books already out that I personally LOVE and will encourage anyone to read.  What do you have in store for us next and when will it be released?

Raven Gregory: There’s a couple thing in the pot that will be coming along shortly.  Nothing I can mention now but there’s one that could very well be my best horror series yet.  Completely uncompromising and just terror at its most distilled form.  It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for a long while so hopefully fans dig it as much as I have had creating it. Speaking of fans, as a cosplay model…I’ve met a few fans that we’re just way out there and appeared a bit creepy.  What’s your craziest fan story and most uncomfortable moment with a fan?  And what is your opinion on cosplay highlights as far as people bringing your characters to life?
Raven Gregory:  Mostly I have been really lucky in having very few creepy fans.  Maybe a few that smelled down right awful but mostly my fans kick ass and I’m really grateful to have the ones that I do have.  As for costumes, my favorite has been Lessa’s wordplay which will hopefully see the light of day again some day.  It was a huge honor to see my words written on someone’s body.  I gushed. My sister Lessa certainly loves your writing too.  I bet it was amazing for you to have her “wordplay” photo shoot finished.  You’ll see it again.  In fact here it is, a sexy Grimm Fairy Classic.
One highlight during my days are the infamous videos you upload to facebook.  I especially love sneak previews although their very teasing.  Ever have dreams of producing a Comic into video or a movie perhaps?
Raven Gregory: Maybe.  I like doing my little skits now and then.  I’ve always been a fan of seeing what happens behind the scenes so it’s a cool way to give back to the readers.  Mike Oeming used to do the best ones back in the day so I think I’m just following in his footsteps…but with a lot more alcohol involved.:) I bet a lot of fans would agree in creating a movie from any of your comics.  🙂  We know that comic books are uber awesome and keep all of us at times glued in to reading with the great stories/characters they offer, all in all…helping promote literacy and keep people reading and their minds open to what’s going to happen next.  What could you say to encourage someone to grab a comic and start reading today and why would you encourage them to check out the industry?
Raven Gregory:  Pretty pictures?  It’s a tough question.  You can say the story and the artwork but cracking that nut of how to get newbie readers involved has been a question that everyone has been asking since the dawn of printing.  So I mostly just throw out a line that fans of horror would dig my work because I write what I love and I love horror. Me too!  Raven, Thank you for your kind friendship and UBER awesome work.  I am excited each and everytime I pick up a read of yours.  You truly are an amazing writer and editor and I look forward to everything you release.  So excited for the crossover and I’m sure so many others would agree with me.  I’m priveledged and happy to have met you and been able to hang out and get to know you a bit.   There are certainly nights I am posting and wondering what is going on in your head and what you’re going to surprise us with next.  I LOVE the new series Myths & Legends.  I’m so excited to see where this story goes.  With that said, lastly, is there anything you would like to tell your fans?
Raven Gregory: Facebook.  It will eat your soul
Haha!  There you have it friends.  A little closer to Raven Gregory.  If only we could be inside his mind for a day and create some of his goodness.  I hope you enjoyed his interview.  You can find him and more of his work at the following links.  Go check it out!
Contact Info for Raven :


As Always, Keep your eyes where they should be, in a Comic Book~Smiles, Brieanna

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