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Raven Gregory Interview!


Raven Gregory reaches into the dark depths of his mind and thrusts us into many twisted worlds such as in The Dreameater Saga and The Theater .  Since the publication of The Gift in 2003 he has had us hooked.    He brings us story after story, from the Grimm Fairy Tale series to Fly, Beyond Wonderland to The Waking.  Now, he brings us a new series, Alice in Wonderland.

I hung out with Raven Gregory at this years Amazing Arizona con and he was pretty excited about the newest addition to his published works. In this video interview he goes over some of his other stories and what he has in store for us in the future.

Victoria Interviews Raven Gregory –


 Alice in Wonderland #1 is out and with great news— Issue 1 SOLD OUT and is currently at #151 in the top 300 selling comics.  Way to go Raven!!! Did you snag an issue?!  If you read Raven’s work, which is your favorite story or series?

Looking for more of Raven’s work? You can head on over to to order your books, and click here for a special sneak peak of the Alice issue #2 art!


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Great interview. LOVE Raven, thank yoU!!!

James Victor Von Hal

Gah! I wasn't able to buy my copy of Alice! Great interview.

Such a HUGE Raven fan. LOVE his work, and can relate to so much of what fuels his writing.

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