Reading the Best, Last

Every possible Wednesday I am at the comic book shop. This ritual is preceded by coffee with my dad. My father might not understand my collecting attributes, especially since he doesn’t collect anything, and yet he is right there at the front door waiting for Fat Jack’s Comicrypt to open.  My weekly list is already predetermined by Comixology’s pull list. Normally this is sent to me in an e-mail early Wednesday morning, but for the past two weeks I did not receive one. Although Fat Jack’s has a well-organized New Release area I like to have a list of the books I plan to purchase. If I didn’t, I would most likely pull as many books that my wallet could afford.

My first Local Comic Shop was about two miles away. During my walks there I would take a short cut through a portion of PennyPack Park cutting the distance by half a mile. Once there, my comics were handed to me by Dane from my subscription list but that didn’t stop me from looking over the other new books that came in. The walk home always took longer regardless of the distance not changing. The addiction to read a comic book eventually got too strong and I would stop halfway home, sit, and read one. This would momentarily satisfy my craving allowing me to continue to walk home in peace.

(The below picture is where I sat to read)

These walks took place on Saturday when I stayed the weekends with my father, until I moved in on a permanent basis when I could alternate a Friday in there. Once home I would read my weekly haul either on the kitchen table or in my room. Of course the ritual of eating my Lucky Charms while reading was only allowed in the kitchen. While I still lived with my parents, my favorite title was the New Mutants if not at times my favorite comic, yes there is a difference between the two. This title on any given week was always my last to read. My reasoning was saving the best for last. This worked out up to issue 50 without disappointment. Over the next 36 issues I felt the title was either hit or miss regardless of how loyal I was to my favorite title. To this day I still read my favorite title last.

In the introduction to Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows trade hardcover, Brian K. Vaughan stated he did the same thing growing up by placing his favorite titles at the bottom of his pile as a reward for getting through the crap. I felt validated that I wasn’t the only one. By the end of the introduction, other than raving how good Locke & Key is (and it is), that it should be on the must read priority list, he no longer has time for the crap comic books. I try to trim the books I collect because I don’t want to accumulate the comics that I feel are inferior. Normally when I stop collecting a title I have to be discouraged by the artwork as well as the story, separately they are not enough for me to drop a title.

I will still save the best for last but at least it will be the best of the best.

Thanks for Reading

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Great article Lee! 🙂

Skott Jimenez

I don't get as many book a week as I used to but when I get more than a few I do put them in order and, yes, save 'the best' for last.

Yep, I always save what I think will be the best issues for last.

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