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Real Life Star Wars Cosplay!


On March 6th, Star Wars voice actress, Ashley Eckstein cosplayed as Ahsoka Tano, the character in which she lends her vocal talent in  Star Wars: The Clone Wars.   The actress wore the full outfit, complete with 4 hours of makeup and documented it, complete with pictures, in her blog for her Her Universe fans.   Ashley said that voicing the character brought out a great desire to cosplay the character so, with some help from friends, she was able to make it a possibility.

Ashley states that “year after year I have been going to conventions, seeing hundreds of girls dressed up as Ahsoka, and secretly wishing I, too, could someday try on the costume.”  Cosplay has really been hitting the mainstream lately.   At every convention, I see so many of the television/film guests that absolutely LOVE seeing fans in the costumes.  They take as much joy as those that cosplay themselves.  With her saying that she’s wanted to dress up as Ahsoka for years, it shows she has some of that cosplay desire herself.  I have to admit, this outfit kicks ass and she does a pretty incredible job at it too.

To read Ashley’s full blog post you can visit her website where you can also find her fan page and buy sci fi jewelry, apparrell and movies.  This geeky broad does it all!


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