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Reasons Why I Think Miller Would Be Great For Man of Steel 2

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First let me start by admitting that this is speculation and rumor only, as far as I know, so let me speculate a little about DC Movies and the directions of the DC movie universe.  In my humble opinion Zack Snyder did a killer job at the first Man of Steel movie and I feel like Warner Brothers felt the same because they tapped him for Batman vs. Superman and the Justice League.  If I was the head of WB and in charge of the direction of the DC Universe I would be happy with Snyder’s vision and my main goal for Man of Steel 2 would be finding a director that is capable of directing a larger action movie and staying on par with Snyder and his style.  The style of the movies and the larger action settings have to be on the WB executives minds and I feel that the success of not just Mad Max Fury Road but also the original Mad Max movies is proof that George Miller is a good fit for Snyder’s vision of the DC Universe.

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With the first Man of Steel and what we have seen from Batman vs. Superman Snyder has a seriously dark and brooding universe started and as they relate to each other I feel Mad Max Fury Road is a super close match in style.  The DC Universe has directed its movies towards the direction Miller set his Mad Max series right off the get go and that has to be a key point to the rumor of Miller coming on board for Man of Steel 2.  The way that the Mad Max series flows is closely related and I can see Miller making a seamless jump from one franchise to the other.

The action scenes in Man of Steel are grand and on an epic scale, just the fight between Zod and Superman were so epic they destroyed a large part of Metropolis.  While thinking about who can handle this sort of directing someone like Miller had to be considered.  The original Mad Max movies were made for a minuscule amount of money and those action scenes were revolutionary in scale of money to production but with the new Fury Road movies Miller was given a real budget and he knocked those action scenes out of the park.

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The ideas behind the themes and action scenes of both franchises/universes are very similar and draw some pretty undeniable parallels.  I’m not an insider and I don’t know if Miller and Snyder have clashing personalities but I feel like Miller and Snyder could be a dream team as far as their styles and proven production skills.  As long as they can get along and work together I can see Man of Steel 2 being not just an amazing super hero movie but one of the best action movies ever.

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