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Rebirth of the Gangster #3



From the talented writer C.J. Standal and the great artist Juan Romera comes another issue of Rebirth of the Gangster!

It’s great.

I’ve reviewed the first two issues of Rebirth of the Gangster in the past and loved them. As a whole, Rebirth of the Gangster is a fantastic noir series with a cool, nostalgic art style and an engaging crime story. The third issue of the comic is equally as good as the first two, and so far, each issue highlights a certain character as the main focus, giving us a broad, expansive story in a realistic setting.

Rebirth of the Gangster #3 expands on the comic series with another character, Lorena. Like Marcus and Hunter, she’s seen her fair share of crime, both as a youngster getting in trouble and an adult fighting against it. As she is a police officer in her current adult years, we also see her in flashbacks as a teenager in class, and through her adolescence we get an idea of what brought her to where she is today.


A really cool thing about this issue is, with the introduction of Lorena, we see the characters of these first three comics interacting at points, showing where their stories intersect, and giving us a hint of how their stories will come together later on. This is cool because we get different perspectives on the law, societal issues, and crime through these different characters, and find how they all link together. C.J. Standal is a brilliant writer who can merge various worlds together naturally, and he’s set a good pacing for how they will all collide.


I like the diversity that the comic creators are going for in ROTG. We have gotten the perspective of a black male in crime-related situations, a white male in crime-related situations, and now we are getting the perspective of a Latina female. As in all of the previous issues, C.J. Standal crafts these characters in a believable, down to earth and empathetic way, without parodies or caricatures. C.J. is good at breaking down people, and situations, to where we feel for them, and can even imagine ourselves in their situations.

I loved Rebirth of the Gangster #3 and look forward to continuing this series. Check it out, and feel free to look at previous reviews I’ve done for the series:

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