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Red Light, Green Light… Orange Light?


The upcoming Green Lantern movie marks the biggest media event the Green Lantern Corps has ever had. Hoping to ride that wave of popularity is a Green Lantern animated series. Hal and his blue gnome pals, of course, will be heavily featured in the show. The main antagonist is reported to be the angry Red Lantern Corps, with the other colors of Lanterns likely to appear. The Blackest Night cross over is said to be taking place, and with many members in every color corps, who is to say what lantern will get to appear. Pics and  more at ScreenRant.

There are many members in every corps except for one. The Orange Lantern Corps. Larfleeze is the only Orange Lantern. So including the Orange in the show means Larfleeze. The likelihood of his appearing on the small screen is increased if any Blue Lanterns appear. Their blue light of hope counter his orange of greed. Plot wise it would make sense. His chances of screen time could also increase because of his use of orange lantern light constructs. They “Lanterns” made of orange light would be received much like the robots in animated series before, no matter how human looking, they can take damage or even die with little resistance from censors as they are not flesh and blood.

Blue Gnomes

Red Lanterns

Room for Orange?

Lastly, his name and likeness are playful. Toys would be cute and the name Larfleeze is fun to say. An animated series would definantly mean light up  toys for kids. With all these reasons and DC making this Orange Lantern the star of his own Christmas Special issue complete with cookie recipe (full review by JORDAMUS PRIME here), it would not be surprising at all if this fairly new character quickley makes his way into the DC animated universe.


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Loved this! I didn't actually know that the Red Lanterns were going to be the main antagonists in the new animated series. Generally I had assumed it would be the Yellow Lanterns, but Red works too. Larfleeze appearing would be amazing, but if the Red Lanterns are the main antagonists, I'll probably be more excited to see Dexstarr!

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