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Red Tide #1 Review

Red Tide Banner new 1

Creators: Stoddard, Bornyakov, Brandao, Sharpe

As I have established I’m a lover of comics. Superhero comics, fantasy comics, sci-fi comics, pretty much anything comic related will get my attention. With that said I sometimes feel like the typical stuff, particularly superheroes, are overplayed. I sometimes like to see interesting stories that are more grounded in reality and lacking the spandex and tights. What Stoddard has done is thrust the reader into a real world story of betrayal and illicit activity that seems as real as any story you may read about in the news paper. Rival gangs duking it out with their own brand of justice that involves ruthless murder and cunning power plays. The one thing that left me somewhat confused, I don’t want to ruin it for others, but in the end I wasn’t clear who was who or who was working for who. This may be a cliffhanger tactic for issue two but even with the confusion the ending is very satisfying, and honestly, this issue can stand alone.

The art off Red Tide is very realistic and well done, the main characters are distinctive in their own rights and grounded in a realistic look, just as the story demands. The main character is my favorite design and it’s not just because of his overall look, it’s also because of the use of facial features, which come in handy when making art for a story driven book like Red Tide.

Red Tide can easily become a mini series and depending on character development it can become an ongoing series with independent arcs. Either way Red Tide is on Kickstarter and can be followed on Facebook so we will have a chance to see where the Red Tide takes us!

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