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Re;Ma!- Down Memory Lane

Welcome to all new readers and/or previous readers! Welcome to the now revised Re;Ma! I’ve made a slight change in my formula related to manga. Instead of doing more review-related stuff, I’ll be recommending some series that I recently came across that I enjoy, and hope that you’ll maybe check out in the future. Sound good? Then let’s begin!

To get this Revision (if you will) started off right and blasted off to Mercury, while at a mini-con back @ ODU I came across a manga series that I’d never thought would re-surface, let alone exist within someone else’s library. Of course when I bought the first two volumes of this series from the vendor, I got what I like to call “The Stare”. I’m talking of course of the manga series known as Di Gi Charat. When I was first introduced into manga series by my brother, this was legitimately one of the first series I remember reading. Of course I knew nothing of the word thus known as “moe”, but years later, its actually kind of funny to reflect on what this series is about.

cover3Enter Di Gi Charat, or DiGiKo for short. An upcoming queen of an alien planet also of the same name. Unfortunately the planet fell under warfare and she had to make a quick escape. While crash-landing in Japan (of course) she gets a job working at one of Akihabara’s more known shops, Gamers.

What I really meant by reflecting off of what this series was about was that this series really had a lot of “moe” factors about it. Typically when you read a casual Japanese rom~com, there always a presence of “moe” in it. Whether it be maids, neko girls, or just overall cute stuff, there’s probably at least one within the series. Considering the ones I just listed, this series has all three. Primarily, the manga series serves as a collection of various stories featuring DiGiKo and her rival, Rabi en Rose, working at Gamers. What’s even better about this collection is that each story is written and illustrated by different manga-kas. Even when i was reading it it was always refreshing to see a different story and art as if it was an comic anthology.

All in all, this was a great blast from the past to return back to. Even within most of the series’ that I’m reading currently, it’s nice to revisit some of my manga roots and just overall re-immerse myself in where I originally began as a manga reader. Now if only I could go back in time to inform myself what moe is.

That’s all from me! Post in the comments of any past series you remember reading. And keep your eyes peeled for the next one!

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You spelled Dejiko's name wrong.


Cool article. I'm a total novice when it comes to all things manga and anime, so I'm interested to see what else you have to say in coming pieces!

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