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Remake Preview: Point Break… Again?

point break

With the summer approaching and the beach calling hundreds of thousands of people to it’s sandy shores to cool off, a special movie I hold dear to my heart is being remade, Point Break. Some of you may  be able to remember the recurring scenes of Keanu Reeves Screaming ” I am an FBI AGENT !”  in his surfer dude accent , however most reading this probably won’t and it just shows the signs of aging for me a little bit more .. With that said the original was set on a California coast and revolved around Surfing, Extreme Sports , and not to mention Bank Robberies . Three key elements to keep myself and millions of others glued to the screen to see what was going to happen next. Unfortunately the remake will not have that 90’s splendor that was Point Break.

[youtube id=”UuVDrpl1tIY” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The new Point Break which is set to be released in December of 2015 , brings a story with more action packed stunts than NITRO CIRCUS. The great bank robbery surfer movie is now a dirtbike , cliff jumping , skydiving extravaganza of explosions and blowing up money to “Liberate it”. It also appears to take part in Europe which would explain the accent the  “Dead Presidents”(Bank Robbers)  have . “Jonny Utah” is also an extreme sports athlete like the Robbers portrayed in this movie. In the original movie he was an all time Quarter Back turned FBI agent paired up with Gary Busey , Jonny goes undercover to infiltrate the group and bring them to Justice. He however falls for the girl and befriends the group which makes it harder for him to turn his new friends in. Hopefully they dont stray too far from the original plot , but I guess we will have to wait to see.

[youtube id=”SQvPRb4HADE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

In my opinion, the upcoming movie should be interesting to watch. I am actually looking forward to seeing how much of the story was changed and how it plays out. For those of you that know the original ending (SPOILER ALERT) – the hundred year storm scene should be something to look forward to however I’m prepared for it to be totally different and incomprehensible . Hopefully it should be interesting none the less. It would be totally awesome if they did have a cameo of Keanu and Patrick but the likes of this are most likely slim to none.

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